RVers travel in every kind of rig. Which one is right for you and your travel/camping style? RVillage members have lots of helpful information to share.

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If you’re exploring the possibility of diving in to RVing, you may be wondering which one will be right for you and your travel/camping style. There are so many types of RVs: Fifth-wheels, bumper pulls, Class A, Class C, Class B, bus conversions, "schoolies," truck campers and more! What does all this mean? Check out The RVillagers Ultimate Guide to RV Terminology!

RVs are also made from a variety of materials: fiberglass, aluminum, stick-built, etc. How do you choose your first RV from all of this? RVillagers offer their helpful advice below.

RVillagers share photos of their beloved rigs in this thread—add yours!

See comments on types and sizes, and why RVers change rigs.

What three things do you look for in an RV?

LOTS of great advice here.

Newbie asking about sizing

See all the helpful responses here.

Which size & type is right for a solo woman?

RVillagers offer lots of great suggestions.

Should you downsize?
Going from a Class C to a B

Does the RV color play a big part in your buying decision?
Check out this unique rig

Wish-shopping for just the right type of rig, plus features?

Here are some good ideas!

Check out an array of new RV model year debuts in the RVBusiness 2021 Model Year Guide, and the Top 10 RVs for 2021.

Cruise some RVillage owners groups

To help you decide on which type of rig, join some RVillage groups and ask questions about different brands of RVs to learn the ins & outs of each model!

Can't find a group for the brand or style of RV you're looking for? Search for more owner groups.

RV Wannabes shopping for a new rig
Ask the community for advice on a local dealer recommendation

Rent an RV and try it out!

You may want to start by renting an RV to see if the lifestyle (or even camping!) is for you. See this helpful post with 21 Need-to-Know Tips!

What's your camping style?

The amount of driving you will do and the type of camping you want to enjoy do also helps decide which style or size of rig. See this page for more ideas: Camping & RV living styles.

Inspecting the RV before you buy

See responses here.

Once you've decided this is the rig you can't live without, you may want to hire someone to do a professional inspection before you shell out your hard-earned cash. You could contact a local mobile RV mechanic to do this for you, or search online at National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA). Certified inspectors are located all around the country.

Here's a discussion about types of rigs & getting an inspection;
and some GREAT tips from RVillagers about what you can inspect yourself first!

Towing your RV or car

Towing a travel trailer, 5th-wheel or Toy hauler? Do you flat-tow a car or put it on a tow dolly? See the RV towing tips page for an abundance of helpful advice & information from fellow RVers.

Name your rig!

Finally, when you bring him (or her) home—don't forget to name your rig! Then share with your fellow RVillagers (or get some ideas for a name!) in this discussion.

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