When your home is on wheels, that opens up a lot of volunteering opportunities. RVillage members talk about how and where they enjoy helping out—from Red Cross volunteering, Habitat for Humanity home builds, national and state parks, to wildlife refuges, and more.

Volunteer opportunities for serving others in need

Red Cross volunteers

Learn more about opportunities for volunteering with the Red Cross: Volunteer from Home (Virtual Positions), Disaster Action Team (DAT), and Blood Donor Support.

See story here about how retired army officers deployed from WNC to Louisiana and helped with Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts, along with volunteers in RVs!

Habitat for Humanity Care-A-Vanners

Interested in helping to housing for families in need? Check out the RVillage group and the RV Care-A-Vanners section of the Habitat for Humanity website. View the latest available build schedule.

See responses.

Escapees “CARE”

An RVillager shares what CARE is for her:  

Another RVillager shares how much she enjoys volunteering at Escapees CARE:

For more information, visit their website: Escapees CARE Center: Volunteering At CARE, and the RVillage Group: Escapees CARE Volunteers.

“Farm Rescue”
Interested in helping the plight of farmers?

View the discussion thread.

Visit their website to learn more: Farm Rescue Volunteers. See areas served.

RVillagers share some of their favorite volunteer gigs

Fish hatcheries:

National parks:

Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campgrounds/parks:

View thread with more photos.

Wildlife refuges and observatories:

Visit this RVillage group to learn of volunteer opportunities: US Fish and Wildlife Volunteers.

What are YOUR favorite places to volunteer?

See responses and add yours!

Volunteer camp hosting

Many RVillagers like to camp host in exchange for a campsite only, instead of pay. They say that those positions are easier and less stressful than camp hosting positions "for hire."

You really do wear more than one hat or title when you volunteer. See this discussion thread.

What amenities are offered, and how do you get started?

View helpful responses. More information about amenities offered in exchange.

Related post: Working from the Road

Where do you find these parks?

See RVillagers suggestions, and more ideas here.

“A Year to Volunteer”

Want to join some interesting volunteer projects around the country? Check out what Shar & Phil—friends of Phil and Stacy of You Me & The RV are up to:

See comments and learn more.

Join the related RVillage group, and visit the "A Year to Volunteer" website for details.

RVillage groups for volunteering

Join some groups to get inspired, find opportunities, and make new friends!

Find volunteer opportunities at the following websites:

Also, you can check with any state's park service where you'd like to volunteer for a season.

Disclaimer: The information gathered here is compiled from the posts and opinions of RVillagers, and not of RVillage itself. RVillage assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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