RVers can't live without their furry family members. RVillage members share tips on how everyone can travel happily together.

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Advice for newbie RVers traveling with furry family members

Add your tips to the list!

RVillagers offer other important tips for traveling with pets.

Need some ideas for dog fencing outside your rig?

LOTS of great ideas here.

When campgrounds limit the number of pets

View the responses and add your own ideas!

How about "no pets allowed" and you have indoor cats?
Plus a discussion about cats riding inside a kennel/crate.

See some clever ideas here.

How do you keep your fur babies safe while driving down the road?

Seat belts, harnesses, pet-seats and more...

Important note about travel trailers

Anyone travel with more than dog? How about 6?

See how they do it!

RV steps too steep for the pets?

FANTASTIC ideas here, with photos.

Would you leave your dogs in the RV while out sightseeing?

Helpful RVillagers offer a whole range of solutions.

Plus some ideas for monitoring the rig temperature while you're gone.

Rough day at the vet?

Your RVillage family will also lend an ear and encouraging words.

See all the supportive responses.

Pets groups

Join these RVillage groups and share about your with furry family members with other RVillagers!

Have a different type of pet? You can search existing groups, OR start a new group!

Show off your fur babies

Attend an RVillage Virtual Get-Together for pet-owners, make friends & share photos—show off your fur babies! See more photos.

View the admiring comments here.

See all the fun guesses.

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