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RV Destination: Acadia National Park

It may not be as large as many of our country’s western National Parks, but Maine’s Acadia National Park offers plenty of diverse and beautiful scenery, a colorful history, unique towns, and villages sprinkled about and miles of hiking trails and driving loops throughout the Park.

RV Destination: Joshua Tree

It’s totally different from any other National Park we’ve visited – no snowy mountains, blue lakes, rushing rivers or the other types of scenery we generally associate with our National Parks. From the wild looking trees to the stacked rocks, Joshua Tree first appears as a rather forbidding world...

RV Destination: Grand Canyon

What can I say about the Grand Canyon? It’s awesome. It’s breathtaking. It’s inspiring. And it’s truly overwhelming. The Canyon just draws you in – every time you look into its mile-long depth, colors and shadows change, or you notice something you never saw before.

RV Destination: Mount Rushmore

I had always wanted to visit South Dakota, and first on my bucket list was Mount Rushmore. I’m not alone. According to the National Park Service, Mount Rushmore National Monument is visited by nearly three million people each year.