With the border closures this season, many of our resourceful Canadian (and Alaskan) RVillage members are finding ways to do winter in an RV, and they show you how!

Photo credit, top: Connie Mueller Novak

Winter RV Living

Despite the root word "snow," snowbirds typically AVOID the snow by heading south for the winter. What happens when you cannot? Learn how to spend winter in your RV, comfortably.

See all the GREAT ideas for winter RV living offered by helpful RVillagers.

Preventing frozen pipes

See responses here.

More tips here. More about protecting tanks, drains and hoses.

Dealing with snow

Photo credit: Rv-In Life (Todd and Kim)

Tips for getting snow off the slide-outs.

How do you remove snow from your RV's roof? Here's one idea.

Dealing with excess moisture

LOTS of helpful tips.

Keeping yourself warm (safely)

LOTS of great ideas!

Many RVillagers use the Mr. Heater Buddy (propane)
More info on the Buddy heater.

Please—be safe with propane heat, be sure to have CO2 detector—and take heed if the alarm goes off!

Skiing, anyone?

Perhaps you actually follow the snow to ski resort-hop?

View responses here.

RVillage Groups

Join these groups to find tips for RV winter living and more!

Snowbirds, Eh? —A discussion group for "The Snowbirds & RV Travelers" magazine. Sample article in their latest issue: How to Choose A Western Canadian Snowbird Destination.

Watch a video on winter living in Canada's RV parks.

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Doesn't this look cozy?

Photo credit: Guy&Kathy

Disclaimer: The information gathered here is compiled from the posts and opinions of RVillagers, and not of RVillage itself. RVillage assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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