Beyond the essential equipment for keeping your RV rolling down the road safely, RVillage members also rely upon these tips & tools for personal & RV safety.

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Fire extinguishers

See more ideas for where to keep fire extinguishers in your rig & toad.

Smoke, CO (carbon monoxide) and propane detectors: here's a suggested schedule for changing the batteries.

What's in your first aid kit? Here are some lists. Add yours!


Locks: Did you know?:

Read more here.

You may also want to use lock hitches.

Some RVers use security cameras:

Read more here.


Read more here.


RVillagers have a few ideas to share. Add yours!

Alarms: A couple of suggestions.

Add your fun comments.


Personal safety

Add your comments!

Refer to this group for more in-depth discussions on self-protection.

Safety & security while boondocking

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Safety equipment for your RV

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