Rodents set up housekeeping in your RV? Or perhaps you'd like to prevent that from happening. Here are some creative ideas from fellow RVillagers.

Suggestions to prevent critters from entering

Prevention pays off. Keep those critters from getting in to begin with! Try foam spray and/or steel wool for small gaps, screening for larger openings.

Strings of lighting or small solar lamps could help, too.

Of course, a real live cat can assist with prevention AND removal!

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Tips to hasten the departure of those pests

RVillagers suggest old-fashioned traps with peanut butter, fresh crab(!), and sprinkling peppermint oil or granules of Borax.

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Not all approaches will work for everyone, so be prepared to tray a few methods for success.

Additional rodent prevention & exit strategies

How about Irish Spring soap or peppermint Life Savers? RVillagers are VERY creative!

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