Thinking about hitting the road, and not retired yet? RVillage members share their tips for making money while traveling and living in an RV.

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One of the most well-known ways to earn an income while living and traveling in an RV is to work-camp. This is typically working as a camp host receiving low or no pay, and a site with hookups in an RV park or resort, federal or state campgrounds in exchange for your labor. Choose a part of the country you want to explore, apply for job openings and stay for a season!

Another work-camping opportunity is gate guarding for oil rigs. RVillage members share information about that unique type of work.

RVillagers share their tips and resources for work-camping.

Join the RVillage group, Workamper News for LOTS of ideas. Ask questions and get immediate feedback from your fellow RVillagers!

Taking your skills on the road

See RVillager replies about working from your RV.

If you are an entrepreneur, you could start your own business and take it with you—from being a mobile RV mechanic to a jewelry-maker, pet-sitter or solar installer—just about anything you want to do!

Working from your mobile "office"

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If you are currently employed and do the type of work that can be performed remotely—such as any type of computer work—you may be able to take it with you. Some ideas: programming, design, bookkeeping, teaching online, transcribing, marketing, writing, virtual coaching...just about anything you can do from home, you can do from the road.

RVillagers share their tips for finding remote-work jobs boards and other resources for mobile work, as well as their experience of earning money while they travel!

To work online you'll need to setup your mobile office for internet access. Watch a helpful video from Chris & Cherie / Technomadia on Working Remotely Using Mobile Internet.

You'll find LOTS of great information in these RVillage groups:

RVillage members are talking about which cell providers work best. See this video from Chris & Cherie on Best Cellular Data Plans for RVers.

Traveling healthcare professionals

If you work in the medical professions, you could work as a traveling nurse, doctor or therapist.

Search RVillage groups for traveling healthcare professionals.

If you have experience in the insurance industry, there are opportunities for insurance adjusters or sales wherever you go.

Amazon CamperForce; and the Sugar Beet harvest

Many RVers join the Amazon CamperForce before the end-of-the-year holidays; others work the Sugar Beet harvest in the fall. Some work-campers do both! These jobs are physically demanding and labor-intensive, but are short-term and pay quite well.

Watch an RVillage member's video about the Sugar Beet harvest.

Join RVillage's Amazon CamperForce group.

Local and temporary jobs

You can also work pumpkin patches, Christmas tree lots, and retails sales for the holiday rush, in any small or large town or city you find yourself camping near.

Getting mail on the road

While working, you may need to receive mail and packages more frequently. This can be challenging for the mobile office. This RVoices post presents some tips and techniques used by other RVillagers to successfully receive mail while traveling: Domicile and getting mail on the road.

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Make friends with your fellow RVillage travelers, find out what they are doing to earn money as they go—ask questions, share ideas and learn!

There are LOTS of people working from the road—and with a little creativity & flexibility, you can be one of them, too!

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