Members of RVillage recently responded to a survey asking them “What’s Next?” Here is a summary of responses so far.

THANK YOU RVillagers for responding to the survey!

We're so glad to hear:

  • You feel safe in your RV.
  • You plan to RV MORE when you can.
  • You will proceed with caution, but YOU WILL RV AGAIN.
  • You believe everyone has been doing the right thing, but when circumstances change, RVing will be even more popular than it was before.

The response was strong and immediate, and the answer was loud and clear. When given the green light, RVers will camp again. Perhaps a little differently, and with expectations of less services and amenities, but the majority of RVillagers predict RVing will be even more popular than before.

77% of you say that when restrictions are lifted, you will head out—but with informed caution, and 63% say you expect to find some restrictions within the campground—fewer services and more imitations. Only 6% say you plan to stay at “home” and almost no one said their RV is up for sale. (This is good news!)

RVillagers say: “We feel safe.”

94% of you confidently declare that you feel safe in and around your RV in a campground setting, and 54% say you don’t plan to make any travel modifications—such as staying closer to home or choosing campgrounds closer to medical facilities. Some of you do say you'll avoid popular destinations, and consider boondocking/remote camping, but overwhelmingly the answer is “no change.”

An encouraging number (36% so far) say you are likely to go camping more often with 52% saying it’s just too soon to know. Some are even thinking this is a great time to explore the purchase of a new RV because there might be good deals!

RVillage is the tool of choice for connecting with other RVers

RVillage is the only “location-aware” platform that allows members to connect with other RVers of similar interests while traveling. Since stay-at-home limitations have kept you stationary for the time being—RVillage expanded its popular Get-Together program to feature Virtual Get-Togethers using Zoom to bring members from all across North America together to discuss common interests. Find a Get-Together here!

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