Overwhelmingly, RVillage members are going to camp again, but things are a bit different now. Yet, RVillagers are up to the challenge, and as always—they're more than willing to share their ideas, tips and inspiration.

What's next?

This is the question that hangs in the air right now. There is, of course, some belief that things won’t be like they were before. Campgrounds won't have the amenities and services they had, workamping may be limited this season, and less-populated destinations may be more attractive now, more than ever.

Are you ready?

How are RVillagers better prepared to “roll with” whatever comes their way? What will you need to anticipate & bring with you, that you can no longer "pick up" along the way? (It may be time to buy that ice machine for the RV!)

Share your tips about finding supplies.

Even more importantly, what about the mental shift? With National Parks closed, and many state campgrounds limiting their capacity and reducing availability—what if you can’t get in to that favorite place you've been dreaming about? How do you “roll with it” when plans change, destinations aren’t available, but the drive to go (pun intended) is still strong?

Is it a weird journey for you right now, too? Join the discussion.

RVillagers are all about being "adaptable"...

Survival of the fittest certainly works well in the RVer's world. It's always best to stay at least a little flexible so that when plans do change, you aren't stressing about getting to that next destination—or upset because you couldn't find ice for the Margaritas, or your favorite beer in that tiny rural store. RVillagers report that they've even learned to like take-out almost as much as dining in; and Virtual Get-Togethers have become the "new normal." At least for now.

"Roll With the Changes" Get-Together

During the Virtual Get Together: "Roll With the Changes," RVillagers shared their thoughts about the current situation and where they were headed next. Many admitted to having "hitch itch," and a few were headed out already—but most were holding back and waiting to see what the general mood of the country would be, specifically the individual states they want to travel to. Trip planning is getting more attention right now.

Tell fellow RVillagers what's opening up & where

In addition to the RVillage Open RV Parks List, members are also sharing about open boondocking spots—and even generous offers of private land to hunker down on. Keep an eye on that home feed!

Learn more and comment on the above BLM campground.

The open road

And when you do need to drive between destinations, formerly very-busy roads are now empty!

It's actually a perfect time to do your trip planning! Let fellow travelers inspire you...

Comment on L.D.'s poem here.

Join some groups & share your ideas for "rolling with it!"

Disclaimer: The information gathered here is compiled from the posts and opinions of RVillagers, and not of RVillage itself.

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