You've heard the phrases: "full-timing" and "full-timer," but what exactly is this lifestyle? RVillage members have answers—and plenty of helpful tips!

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How would YOU describe full time RVing?

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Perhaps you've been camping all your life on weekends and vacations and you’re ready to sell that empty nest, free yourself from yard work, property taxes, and “stuff.” Or maybe you're pre-retirement age and want to take your job on the road before settling down to mortgage payments—even take the family on the road! Where do you begin this seemingly daunting yet exciting adventure?

RVillagers have you covered. Every type of full time RVer is on RVillage and have probably answered any question you can think of. Peruse the topics below, and keep the following page handy for reference: The RVillagers Ultimate Guide to RV Terminology!

TIP: You can even call yourself a "full-timer" if you are snowbird—after all, you are living full time in your RV for many months!

RVillagers share their number #1 reason for going full time; and also some of their less than perfect moments on the road as full-timers.

At what point did you call yourself a full-timer?

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One of the most challenging parts of going full time is getting rid of all that "stuff" from the sticks & bricks (house).

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And more tips for handling those sensitive family heirlooms when downsizing.

Which RV type is right for full timing (for you)?

RVillagers share about which type of RV they chose and why.

See answers to questions like "What three things do you look for in an RV?" "Which size & type is right for a solo woman?" and questions & answers about sizes, features, and related RVillage groups for even MORE information, in this Chapter of The Guide.

Outfitting your RV: driving & safety essentials

Full time RVing means driving your entire house (and everything you own!) around out there on the freeways and backroads. How do you keep everyone and everything on board safe & intact? Learn about important gear like steering stabilization, surge protectors, weather monitoring, RV-friendly GPS systems and more in this RVoices post: RV driving essentials & safety equipment. Also see RV security tips from your fellow RVillagers.

Comfort & efficiency inside your home on wheels

One of the first things full-timers do when they get their shiny new home on wheels is make it their own. Join the Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration group for inspiration and to show off your own remodel!

See more photos and all the admiring comments.

Find more full time tips for cooking in an RV, dealing with rodents & critters, how to get Internet & TV on the road, and even Solar for RVs in this post: RV living: Onboard tips & tools.

Family life & roadschooling

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Roadschooling can be the best teacher of all—with real-life geography, science and history presenting itself everywhere you go. Find other full time families in the discussion threads and groups listed in this post: RV family living & roadschooling.

Full time furry family members

Learn how to solve the challenges of living on the road with pets in this post: Traveling with pets in an RV—full of helpful tips from fellow RVillagers, as well as lots of pet-related groups to join & share!

What do you do with all your time?

Maybe you're still working, or want to supplement your retirement. See what other RVillagers are doing to earn money on the road in this Chapter from The Guide: Working from the road.

There's also plenty of time for hobbies! Get some inspiration and tips with these posts, which also list multiple related groups you can join:

See more in the Crafty RVers group.

Traveling full time

For many, full time RVing is all about the traveling. When we are able to move about freely again, RVillagers are full of information in this area. See these RVoices posts to read what they have to share about:

...and lots of interesting RV Travel destinations!

Fun ideas: How do you map YOUR travels?

What is your camping style as a full time RVer?

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A very budget-friendly and popular way to live full time on the road is Boondocking. Check out all the many different ways to camp in this RVoices post: Camping & RV living styles.

Where are you "from"? (Setting up domicile)

Besides the usual answer of "Over there, where I'm parked," you will need to set up "domicile" in a chosen state. See how other RVillagers do it in this post: Domicile and getting mail on the road.

Meeting other full time RVers

Believe it or not, moving around in your own roving home (and office, if applicable) can sometimes get lonely. How do you meet the other RVers around you on the road and in RV parks? Of course, you're on the best platform there is for doing that: RVillage!

Suggestions for making connections:

Update your location, then check the Explorer Map on the home page to see who's around you. Join groups and check the Group Map (see above example) to find other RVillagers nearby—you may be surprised to see who's right next door!

Check the upcoming Get-Togethers. Although most are virtual for now, you never know when you'll find yourself in the same park or vicinity with other RVillagers you've gotten to know in a Get-Together.

In addition to the groups referred to in the sections and posts above, here are more groups to join—make friends and exchange tips & stories about full time life on the road!:

Disclaimer: The information gathered here is compiled from the posts and opinions of RVillagers, and not of RVillage itself. RVillage assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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