Do you get excited when you see another rig just like yours out there on the road? Find your rig owner group on RVillage and swap tips and info with other RVers who own the same brand. It's fun!

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Choosing an RV is a big decision. You compare, you shop around, you test drive. Motorhome or towable. New or used. One brand over another. Once you bring that beauty home, you uncover a few dozen more questions. Of course you can ask the dealer, but let’s face it—they might not be open, convenient to where you are at the moment, and sometimes they just don’t understand the real question.

Join an RVillage owners group

There’s something about connecting with someone who has chosen the same rig and who's solved some of the same problems you've had or are having. When joing a group, remember to post a photo of your rig, then start sharing your solutions and ideas, and explore how others have personalized their RV. Don't forget to send each other friend requests!

Then the best part: when we’re back to traveling again, use RVillage to connect with other brand friends while you’re on the road!

Pro tip: Considering changing rigs or brands? The best market research you can do is to talk to people who own the type of RV you’re considering—ask for real-life experience! (You don't have to already own the brand to join the RVillage owner group.)

Here are a few ways that fellow RVillagers have been helping each other out in these groups:

See Grand Design owners responses about factory dooknob replacement.

See the helpful discussion on residential refrigerators in the Newmar owners group.

Keystone owners offer suggestions for the phantom light switch above.

LOTS of helpful replies from Thor owners—everything you need to know about fresh water tanks!

View Fleetwood owners suggestions for troubleshooting this issue.

See VERY helpful Newmar owners replies about Flexsteel furniture and fire safety.

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So many helpful suggestions for this Tiffen owner on the above post!

Find the brand community for your RV

Search for more owner groups.

If you don’t find your brand, or want to discuss a more specific model, start a new group!

"Meet" your fellow brand buddies face-to-face in a Virtual Get-Together!

While many of the RV owner group rallies are being cancelled right now, you can still meet up with fellow RV brand friends in an RVillage Virtual Get-Together for your owner group! Check here for upcoming events, or create one yourself, and the RVillage Connector will help you—it's easy and FUN!

Is your rig up to date (or even included) in your RVillage profile?

RVillagers love to talk about their rigs, especially when they find other owners with the same one! Edit your profile here and click the "My Rig" button.
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