RVillage members share why the Virtual Get-Togethers are so important right now.

RVillage member Beautyshopdropout/Tara Barber speaks about what the RVillage Get-Together mean to her personally. She created a “Thank You” video to surprise Chris & Gina Fox, hosts of the Get-Togethers, with cameos of sentiments from some of the other members who attend. (Don't miss the video below!)

Tara tells her story

Tara: “I am a little more than a year into my greatest adventure, RV life on the road. Leaving my career behind the [beauty salon] chair, I never imagined the consequences of living life in near solitude. The struggle of wanting to leave my old life of over-stimulation behind, but also craving interaction with my fellow man, left me in a state of constant push and pull.”

“Que RVillage and the Virtual Get-Togethers with Chris and Gina from The Riveted Fox. I was in the Bluegrass state during the beginning of a pandemic, when the first email came through my inbox. Coming from a background in the beauty industry, technology was not my strong suit. But I had a computer, internet connection and just enough courage to log in to my first Zoom. Contrary to popular belief, working with people all day, every day does not always make you a people person, especially virtually. But it’s amazing what a mimosa and an RVillage brunch Zoom can open you up to.”

“I quietly observed week after week, terrified I would be called on like the awkward kid I was in math class with all the wrong answers. That’s the thing about these Foxes. One of their superpowers is reading you behind the computer screen and knowing when and how to pull you into the conversation. Timing is everything.”

“Over the course of 382 RVillage Virtual Get-Togethers (maybe not the actual count, but that’s what it felt like), I slowly came out of my shell. So much so that I have even hosted a few of these RVillage Virtual Get-Togethers all on my own. Who knew I could pull that off? Certainly not me—it didn’t involve shears and a can of hairspray. But you know who did? Chris and Gina. They have the patience of a saint, as most people do when they hold my hand through what I feel like is an impossible task. But once I stepped out of my comfort zone, I realized there is so much more to be gained by trying something new.”

“My point is, life and friendships on the road look much different for me now. I no longer struggle to find myself or where I fit in. Chris and Gina are not just two faces on my computer screen anymore, they are my friends. And I can say without hesitation they are friends with everyone they have touched through all of their efforts. And their efforts have not gone unnoticed. As a way to say a resounding thank you, a few RVillagers and myself got together with our heartfelt messages to Chris and Gina.”

Watch the appreciation video:

Chris & Gina respond

“We love meeting people and hearing their stories! Hosting “In Person” Get-Togethers as we traveled was kinda our “thing.” But in life, sometimes one has to adjust, and that is what we all had to do when the world hit a pandemic. As the country was “shutting down,” we were just getting started! Through RVillage, the Get-Togethers turned “Virtual” and those who have joined in have experienced continued connections and building community.”

“Through watching, listening, learning, and sharing, we have all filled our days with connecting and creating friendships. There have been laughs shared, cousins found, games played, recipes cooked, tears shed for loved ones lost—but together as RVers, using RVillage and Zoom, we have all stayed connected while the rest of the country was apart. Thank you for joining in, keeping us on our toes, and know... You are welcome. It is our pleasure and honor to be responsible for “your” Get-Togethers. Love you all!”

Tara: “Now these are just our stories, what will yours be?”

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