While RVillage is not advocating interstate travel, we do want you to be informed and have helpful tools—if and when you do begin to roll again.

The National Governors Association (NGA) COVID-19 State and Territory Actions Tracker Map

A nationwide map of policies by state and territory. Response efforts are dynamic and changing, and the map is updated daily as the situation progresses. Data is collected directly from states and territories, federal agencies, and news sources.

> View Map here

Use the navigation links on the left side of the map to see which states have:

  • Stay-at-home orders
  • Quarantine orders for interstate travelers
  • Masks requirements
  • Statewide curfews
  • Limits on gatherings
    ...and more

Be sure to click the "layers" icon in the upper left, and then "legend" to understand the color coding for each map.

NOTE: Be patient—the maps load slowly—but the information is worth the wait.

For highly detailed Covid-19 information on each state, visit this page:
Coronavirus State Actions

See full page of the NGA's coronavirus updates.

The New York Times Map

For a quicker-loading map with less detailed state-by-state information, visit the New York Times Map: “See How All 50 States Are Reopening

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