RVillage is GROWING! It's sooooo exciting—we just passed 300,000 members! Let's celebrate!


To celebrate this AMAZING milestone, please join us TODAY—Friday, August 21, at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific, for the “RVillage is BOOMING” Virtual Get-Together. Bring your celebration beverage because there WILL be toasts!

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RVillage is "Our" village. It seems like yesterday that this crazy idea was cooked up: let’s create a place for RVers to connect on the road. A few people heard about it and jumped on the bandwagon. Then a few more and a few more and pretty soon RVillage became THE place to gather (in campgrounds and virtually) to share ideas, make friends, and connect!

And now here we are—over 300,000 and growing! Even MORE connections near you. MORE members → more member-shared solutions, more tips, and more friendships to be made. More groups, more posts, more photos, more benefits for you!

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Sign the Card HERE!

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