RVillage spoke with Michael Kilbourne, TireMinder service expert, about the importance of monitoring your RV tires with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and what sets TireMinder apart from the competitors.

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Why use a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (or TPMS) is ESSENTIAL for all RVs and any towed vehicle (the vehicle towing or being towed—your truck or car). Why? Because there is no way you can tell that a tire is 10 or 20 pounds below pressure just by looking at it. Do you honestly get out the tire gauge and check all your tires before hitting the road in the morning? Probably not.  

Low tire pressure is the leading cause of all blowouts; and tire blowouts—especially on front tires—can be deadly, causing serious injury to you or your rig! A TPMS can alert you to low pressure, and slow (or rapid) leaks before you even hit the road in the morning—and even as you are driving down the freeway. You can handle the issue before it become life-threatening, rather than after the fact. How much is that peace of mind worth to you?

Do you have a TPMS on YOUR rig?

RVillage: Michael, why did you choose to be a distributor for TireMinder?
Michael: I've been in the trucking industry for over 25 years. From my experience, I know how important your tires are. I also teach tire safety. When I started RVing, I knew I was responsible for more than just cargo. I wanted safety and peace of mind for my wife & I as we travel around the country.

What is the TireMinder TPMS?

TireMinder was created in 1994 in Branton, Ontario. Since August 2017, TireMinder has been part of the Valterra family family of RV products. All TireMinder products are designed and serviced in Stuart, FL. TireMinder has received 14 Reader's Choice Gold Awards from MotorHome and Trailer Life magazines.

TireMinder has two new systems:

The I10 has a slightly brighter display. Two screens of 10 tires each. Starts at $249 with 4 sensors. The rechargeable battery in the display lasts 15 hours.

The A1AS has a big beautiful colorful display, and you can simultaneously project the readout to an app! Displays 22 tires on one screen. Starts at $429 with 4 sensors. The rechargeable battery in the display lasts 20 hours.

How the TireMinder works

TireMinder checks & reports on the temperature and pressure of all of your tires every 6 seconds. Monitor all of your tires simultaneously while driving, and be alerted to problems immediately. Keep your eyes on the road, not on your towed's tires in the backup camera!

Prevent costly and dangerous problems. Low pressure or high heat can cause blowouts. TireMinder alerts you to these issues early, so you can safely pull over and handle them before extensive damage can occur to your vehicles and risk to your passengers. You'll get better fuel economy too, with properly inflated tires.

What are the three main benefits of TireMinder?

Besides the prevention and safety of continuously monitoring all of your tire pressure & heat levels, the TireMinder brand offers the following benefits over the competitors:

  1. User-changeable batteries, and FREE battery program! (Value could be up to $80/year!) Once a year you can go to the TireMinder website and request free batteries, or stop by a TireMinder vendor booth at any rally and pickup your free batteries!

  2. Booster is included! Some competitors require you to buy a signal booster separately. This is not "optional" equipment—even the smallest rigs need signal boost from the sensors to the display unit on the dash. You don't pay extra for the booster with TireMinder.

  3. Three year warranty on everything. Call support and get a human for help with installation, or any other questions. From defects to shipping issues, TireMinder will make it right!

Is it easy to install? What kind of support do you provide?

EVERYTHING is in the kit for an easy installation: batteries, wires, zip ties.

Simply screw the sensors onto the tire valves. No pressing buttons or "programming." The monitor instantly recognizes each sensor as it is attached.

The booster is weatherproof and can be mounted outside under the coach anywhere. 9 feet of wire is supplied, and it clips onto a house battery with alligator clips. Takes about 5 minutes to install with zip ties.

Easily disconnect & reconnect the coach or the towed from the display, and use the display independently with multiple vehicles—with only ONE initial setup! Sensors re-initiate in about 6 minutes.

Testimonial for TireMinder

We caught up with RVillage founder, Curtis, and asked him which TPMS system he has on his rig and why.

Curtis: I've had three different brands on my rigs throughout the years, and the TireMinder is by far the one I have most enjoyed using—for its functionality, the new screen, and Bluetooth technology. The customer service is second to none, which was lacking severely with other products I've had. Technology is not an exact science, and if you have a sensor that starts failing, you want a company that stands behind their product—and one that you can actually reach!

RVillage: Have you ever had a sensor alarm go off?
Curtis: Yes. I was on a road trip to Kentucky when the tag axle in my rig heated up. Because the TireMinder senses heat, the alarm for the nearby tire went off and reported 180 degrees! I immediately pulled over and saw smoke near the rear of the vehicle—where the engine is located on my rig. I am positive that I averted a potential fire!

RVillage: The heat sensor saved you! What else do you like about using a TPMS?
Curtis: All I have to do is turn it on, and within minutes it tells me the pressure of every single tire. It saves an incredible amount of time checking all the tires with a tire gauge. If any tire is low, I just drive to the nearest truck stop and air them up. (If you have your own compressor, you can do that, too.) It's always on, and it brings me tremendous peace of mind being able to see the condition of all my tires in just a glance—especially while I'm driving.

RVillage: Do you recommend that other RVers own and use a TPMS?
Curtis: Let me put it this way: I wouldn't get caught DEAD driving an RV without a TPMS. It would be dangerous and irresponsible. There are a few things I don't take any chances with on my RV, and tires is on the top of the list. The TireMinder TPMS is the most important piece of safety equipment I own, and it is the most important thing YOU can add to your RV for your personal safety as you're going down the road.

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(Extra bonus gift for RVillage Gold members: free high precision digital tire gauge.)

TireMinder has received 14 Reader's Choice Gold Awards from MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines.

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