RVillage spoke with Doug Curtis of SoftStartRV. They answered our questions and explain why ALL RVers would benefit from installing this device.

What is SoftStartRV?

SoftStartRV is an embedded design air-conditioner soft start controller for single-phase power systems. It regulates the start-up voltage of the compressor/motor intelligently to effectively reduce the inrush and surge current while starting-up, thus consuming much less power from on-site AC power supply system—yet it still provides full startup torque for compressors and motors.

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How does it work?

The SoftStartRV is an innovative device that gently smooths-out the startup power demand of the RV air conditioner’s compressor. The SoftStartRV reduces startup power demand up to an amazing 70%.

Not only does the SoftStartRV ease strain on the power source, but it’s also less stressful for the compressor itself since it starts more gently.  Additionally, it provides valuable protection by shutting down the compressor if the power source or the connection to the compressor is briefly interrupted, then it re-attempts a soft start after a three-minute delay.

What are the three main benefits of the SoftStartRV?

  1. No more loud "thump" in the middle of the night when the air conditioner kicks on!

  2. Run TWO or more air conditioner units on a 30 amp circuit. If your coach has two or more air conditioning units, no longer will you be limited to staying in 50 amp campsites. This means you can stay at the less expensive (and more readily-available) 30 amp campsites—and your electric bill will be smaller, too.

  3. When camping off-grid, the SoftStartRV device enables the use of a smaller generator to power everything. The reason: SoftStartRV prevents the initial current spike that an air conditioning unit draws when it starts up, leaving more energy available for your other appliances—thereby reducing power management problems. No more tripped breakers!

What types of RVs can this be installed on?

Any type of rig that has an air conditioning unit! From small travel trailers to Class C's and large Class A's & 5th wheels.  

Is it easy to install? What kind of support do you provide?

Installation of the SoftStartRV is quick for any DIY RVer. It installs inside the rooftop air conditioner cover and generally takes about 45 minutes per unit. We provide detailed installation instructions, color-coded ​wiring diagram​s, and how-to video links. We have trained US-based technical support staff that consistently earn 5-star outstanding customer service ratings. The SoftStartRV also comes with  free extended warranty.

Not a do-it-yourselfer? Any professional RV tech can install a SoftStartRV—and we’re growing our dealer network every week. Each unit comes with a free  installation kit containing screws, connectors, etc. No running to the hardware store in the middle of that installation!

For more technical information, see the SoftStartRV FAQs.

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Pretty Easy To Install
Installation took about 45 minutes (mostly because the cold was making my hands numb), but with the help of the installation video, it was pretty easy. The included installation kit had everything I needed to install the kit. I came in and the A/C fired up nice and smooth. Good product. Much better price than competitors. —Marc F on Feb 10, 2020

We can't live without this in hot weather
My wife and I are delighted that we can now start and run our A/C on a small Honda 2000i It was easy to install too. Now we can stay cool. We are very pleased we found it! —Kona T on Jan 30, 2020

Giant improvement
Installation was on a Brisk II. Before the install, Honda 2000 had difficulty starting the compressor on eco mode. After installation, the A/C starts and runs with the generator on eco mode. No more stupid thump and trailer shaking when the compressor starts. Installation was super easy, and I have never taken the cover off of my rooftop A/C before. If I can do it, anybody can. I highly recommend SoftstartRV! —Bill on Nov. 2, 2019

Ready to buy? Get it here with an RVillage discount!

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