RVillage is a great place to hang out and meet fellow RVers and nomads. Practice these smart, easy tips to enjoy your social media experience.

RVillage takes your privacy and security seriously

Unlike Facebook, you are not required to use your real name when setting up your profile, if you choose not to. (If you joined through Facebook, you can easily switch from your real name to anything you want.) Your physical address is not required, even when you set your location to “at my home base.” You can manually choose the nearest city or town.

Not only does RVillage not ask for your real name, phone number, address, etc., we ask that members NOT include any of this personally identifiable information anywhere on the site. In fact, it's a violation of the Terms of Service to do so. This is for your protection.

RVillage is for RVers, it's not a dating site

RVillagers are here to share tips and information about the RV lifestyle. Site policy does not allow open posts on profiles and the home feed about singles looking for other singles. There are, however, many private groups for singles—you can search here for RVillage groups to join and meet other solos.

Connecting with others on RVillage is different from Facebook, because you're not looking for people that you already know. Even though you are meeting new people, you already have instant commonalities: interest in RV's, nomadic travel and adventure.

Making friend requests and accepting friend requests without having met someone is encouraged—however, please remember that anyone can join this platform. If you're a single female traveler and receive a friend request from a male traveler who only has female friends on their profile, you might want to consider what they are actually looking for.

Remember to always meet in public places, or in groups. You can also caravan with others—travel in groups for added safety. Visit the RVillage Caravan Connection group.

Use common sense when posting, and don't tell "all"

This is the internet. We're all grown-ups, and we know that anyone can create a profile on social media sites and read anything that's posted. While the RVillage site monitors do their very best to remove anyone who is violating the Terms of Service—they can't see everything and be everywhere all the time. You can help with a few simple prevention tactics.

Please use wisdom and refrain from sharing ALL of your personal information (for example, photos with your vehicle's license plate visible), or discussing ALL the details of your life's circumstances. (It's really not a good idea to do that on ANY platform.)

While couples and caravanners can be more forthright in sharing some of their personal information, solo travelers (especially female) need to exercise a little more caution, and not unknowingly become a target. Pause a moment and re-read before before hitting "Post Comment." Is it something you want the whole world to know about you?

Setting your location—you're in control

If you are traveling solo and don't want to display your actual location, you can manually set your location to the city or town you are camping or boondocking near. Change your location here.

You can also set your location to "I'm traveling" for total privacy, but it's really more fun to be in the vicinity of other RVillagers—get welcomed to the "neighborhood" and receive invites to local Get-Togethers. That's why you're on RVillage, right? :)

Report any concerns

It rarely happens, but if you feel someone is approaching you inappropriately on RVillage—sending multiple unsolicited emails, excessive comments on your posts, or too many "likes" on profile photos, you can use the "Report" button that's located on all posts and email messages. If you have any concerns, let the support team know, and they will respond quickly.

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Relax & have fun!

While in-person Get-Togethers are currently on-hold, you can join some Virtual Get-Togethers and "meet" your fellow RVillagers.

Check out more ideas for connecting with your fellow RVillagers.

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