RVillage, a unique “location-aware” social network for RVers that facilitates where-you-are connections, surpassed a major milestone of 150,000 active members in August and is growing exponentially.

“We’re terrifically excited about the level of growth and engagement happening in RVillage right now. There is clearly an audience of active RVers who want to connect with other RVers around them and enhance their RVing lifestyle,” said founder Curtis Coleman. “While this was a huge milestone, we are already planning a celebration for the NEXT one, because it’s going to come up quickly. Our growth and engagement are accelerating at impressive rates. We currently receive a new user created account every 3-5 minutes.”

RVillage makes it easy for RVers to connect and make new friends on the road, wherever they are. “We live out our mission every day,” said Coleman. “With RVillage, an RV park full of strangers (or any area full of RVers!) quickly becomes a village full of friends.”

RVillage member engagement derives almost exclusively from user-generated content. Membership is free, and “RVillagers” are encouraged to join groups that speak to their interests and travel style. “We have over 3,000 crowd-sourced groups for full-time RVers, weekend RVers, RV clubs, and people who haven’t yet taken the leap but want to learn from experienced RVers,” Coleman explained. “You could describe us as the ‘Big Tent’ of RVing, because there is a group or gathering for everyone. Even our Rallies are designed to welcome everyone from full hook-up big rigs to boondocking caravaners.”

RVillage is supported primarily by eager advertisers looking to have visibility within an active online RVer social space. RVillage also offers an extremely unique, affordable and attractive program specifically designed for RV Parks. The RVillage Charter Park Program makes it possible for RV parks and resorts to be visible to RVers passing through their area. RVillage members can also upgrade to a patreon-type paid level called “Gold Status” which delivers extra privileges, discounts and recognition.

“Basic membership in RVillage is, and always will be, free,” promises Coleman. “We’ve removed all the usual barriers to entry, and encourage our members to shape the experience. Obviously, it’s working! Over 35% of our members update their location, post, comment, share content and connect on a regular basis.”

Founded in 2014, RVillage was the brainchild of Coleman and a group of passionate, tech-savvy RV entrepreneurs and friends.  “We knew there was a phenomenal opportunity to enhance the ‘connectedness’ of people who wanted a nomadic lifestyle, but often experienced the loneliness of that same lifestyle. It’s difficult to forge friendships with people when you are in places for short periods of time. With RVillage, members can have the best of all worlds – the freedom to roam and explore, and the confidence that a friendly, helpful and fun community of friends is within reach wherever they are, where they are going, or along their way,” says a gratified and humbled Coleman. “What we didn’t know is how enthusiastic the reception would be, once the word got out. RV enthusiasts, influencers, as well as industry players are embracing our platform. I couldn’t be more proud of our team. We have an extraordinary group of dedicated and hard working professionals in place to serve this growing audience.”

For more information visit RVillage.com.

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