Joining forces with RVillage, a free-to-join RVers community of over 230,000 active members, is a great opportunity for the existing "Grand Design RV Family," as well as prospective owners, and those who have purchased a Grand Design pre-owned. Here's why.

Grand Design is leading the way

According to Don Clark, the President, CEO and Co-Founder of Grand Design, they have always been a company that strives for “Customers for Life.” In a very forward-thinking move, partnering with RVillage allows more RVers to become a part of that family—even before a purchase; and also include those who buy pre-owned from third parties—formerly a difficult customer to find.

Mark Lucas, Business Development for RVillage states, “Any smart manufacturer knows that the most important component in an RV is the RVers themselves. This collaboration is making full use of that component.”

RVillage is THE social network of actively-engaged RVers

Grand Design owners who are on RVillage can easily find and communicate with each other about the brand through a dedicated community of those interested in Grand Design products and the company. Members of the Grand Design community group can even locate each other on a map as they travel around the country! All of this is possible with the proprietary back-end technology of RVillage—and the metrics show the success.

Announcing: The Official RVillage Grand Design RV Community

With close collaboration between Grand Design and RVillage, an initiative to onboard Grand Design owners and RVillage members who own or are interested in a Grand Design RV was launched. The social support team from Grand Design, lead by Megan Stacy and Emily Stahley, enthusiastically welcomed each new member and promptly responded to any questions. See:

> The Official RVillage Grand Design RV Community

And RVillage members responded!

Within just TWO weeks of the partnership, the re-branded group more than tripled in size—the fastest growing group on RVillage!

Grand Design RV Community members eagerly uploaded photos of their rigs to show them off to their new friends, connected with other satisfied Grand Design owners, and swapped tips and information. Where else would they be able to do this so conveniently?

Members who are still in the market to buy a Grand Design RV enthusiastically asked questions of existing owners in the group about models & floor plans, etc., and learned more about their dream RV from their trusted and experienced fellow members.

> See responses from satisfied community members here.

With RVillage, Grand Design owners can connect with each other wherever they are!

Thanks to RVillage's location-aware technology and the Explore Map, members can find fellow Grand Design owners wherever they are currently located, along their route, and at their target destinations. Check it out here:

> Explore the Map

A partnership made in RV heaven

Connecting Grand Design owners with each other and the manufacturer is a winning situation for all involved. RVillage is proud to be at the forefront with Grand Design, the very first to do this. And RVillage members are delighted about this relationship, too!

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