Connect in real-life with fellow RVers around you with RVillage. Set your location and see who’s around you in the RV park you are in, or the city or town you are boondocking near! It's fun and safe to use–you're always in control about what you share on RVillage, including your location.

If you want to start meeting great folks in real life as you travel, do you know about the RVillage Explorer Map? Unlike other social media sites you may use, with RVillage you don’t have to stay logged in and monitoring to know when someone arrives – RVillage is set up to send you notifications of nearby arrivals!

Here's how the Explorer Map works:

  1. Set your location: This is one of the most important steps to get the benefits of RVillage. Choose the RV park you're in, or the city or town you are boondocking near. (Note: this website or app does not use geolocation—your exact location is never pinpointed on the map.) You will be prompted to set a departure date, so you can be reminded to update your location when it expires – this is to help keep everybody current on the map. You can easily change the date and location at any time.

  2. View the Explorer Map: This is one of the core features of RVillage. Just in case you aren't a member of RVillage yet, here's a demo map you can play with. For the demo—set the city & state, and click the "Members" marker. Then click on any of the markers that display on the map to see who's nearby. When you are signed up, logged in and you set your location, you will be able to view all the nearby member profiles and then reach out to meet them!

    You can also search nearby RVillagers based on selected criteria, for example – here's a search to find Xscapers within 50 miles of your location. View the results in list view or in map view. (That particular search link will actually work when you are signed up and logged in!) Adjust the search by adding other criteria, such as age, interests, whether they have kids, etc.

  3. Find new friends along your route! Another really cool feature of the Explorer Map: You can set up a route with the "Route Me" button and choose any or all of the following to display along your route: Members, RV parks, Groups (that you are a member of), Friends, Merchants, RVillager "Get-Togethers" and even RV Services. Pretty amazing!

There is an app version of RVillage, too. (You may want to do your initial setup and getting familiar with all the features on the website first.)

Safety and Privacy

If you're concerned about online privacy and safety, don't worry—RVillage is, too. It's important to note that the site and the app do not automatically use the "location services" on your phone, tablet or computer. You can manually choose and set your location. If you need to be an introvert for a few days, just set your location to "I'm traveling." When you're ready to socialize—change it to the RV park you are in or nearby city, see who's around, and reach out! Other folks nearby will reach out, too, when they see someone new has just arrived in their area. What fun!

Connect in real life with fellow RVers, not just online

There are lots of other great features and benefits of using RVillage , which we will cover in future "how-to" posts here. Members tell us the Explorer Map is one of the most helpful tools for getting connected wherever you are. It's not just about being connected online, but in real-life, to other RVers around you, wherever you go.

There's no other location-aware social networking tool like RVillage, especially for RVers. We are over 170,000 members (and growing by the hundreds every day), so you will surely find other like-minded friends wherever you travel.

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