You've joined a group on RVillage and now you want to find other members who are nearby, or on the route to your next destination. Here's how.

(Even if you only use RVillage for this, you will be getting the greatest value from this site, which is locating and connecting with friends wherever you go!)

First, make sure your location is current. This really is the most important step.

For this demo, we'll use the Xscapers RVillage group. Xscapers are a community within the Escapees RV Club. (You can choose any RVillage group you are a member of and follow along.)
There are two ways to do this. We'll show you a quick way first, then the more advanced way to locate group members along your route, or anywhere in the world!

QUICK & EASY (method #1)

1. Wherever you are in the RVillage site, choose "Search for Members" from the navigation dropdown.

2. Then setup your search parameters. Note: For this to work, you must be a member of the RVillage group you are searching, and your location must be current.

3. Click "Search" and you will see results in List View, or... Map view:

Here's a search link with the above parameters already setup. It will show members located within 25 miles of your current location.

ADVANCED Member Search (method #2)

Next, go to your RVillage group, and click the icon for the "Group Map." You'll be taken to a map with markers displayed for members who are nearby.

Note that the map defaults to 100 miles, but you can choose 25, 50, 75, 250 miles or even "All Members."

"All Members" will display every member in the RVillage group, everywhere in the world! (See why it's important to keep your location updated?)

Then click on any member icon to see who it is, view their profile, and reach out and connect! That's how easy it is to find other members in your group!

Finding group members at your next destination

On the RVillage Group Map page, click the middle button for "Destination," enter the City, and click "Show Members." You can also choose how many miles out from your destination you'd like to find fellow RVillage group members.

Find group members along your travel route

  1. On the Group Map page, click the far right button for "Route Me!"
  2. Enter your start and end locations.
  3. Click the white "ROUTE ME" button.
  4. Click the "Show Members" button below the red text.

You will now see members of your RVillage group all along your route, 15 miles out!

We hope you can see how useful the RVillage Explorer Map can be for finding members of your RV club or special interest group—wherever you are, and wherever you go! Share this post with other friends who are on (or not yet on) RVillage, and use this map to make your connections on the road.

Because it’s not only about the places you go, it’s also about the people you connect with along the way.

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