RVillage spoke with Robert Henderson, owner of Henderson's Line-Up in Grants Pass Oregon, inventor of the Super-Steer line of products, and the “Road Performance Assessment (RPA®).” We learned some of his secrets for happier, safer driving.

A passion for safe and happy RVers

One of Robert Henderson's goals is to take the worst-handling coaches and turn them into the best handling coaches. He says, emphatically: “The customer knows the issue—if they think they have a problem, they do! Only the driver can explain what's going on and they can feel the difference after the work is done. Every coach is a little different, and each driver has their own preferences." Robert adds of himself and his staff:  “We don't know it all! We learn something new every day talking with our customers and also our network of vendors.”

The Henderson’s Line-Up philosophy

The goal of our work is to optimize safety and maximize comfort. We believe the most important thing we owe the customer is an accurate diagnosis, followed by the education to help them choose their best options. With proper information, this allows the customer to make an informed decision regarding a service or upgrade procedure, no matter how big or small it is. We are not just throwing parts at a problem and pushing the customer out the door.

What is the “Road Performance Assessment (RPA)”?

Your motorhome's steering, suspension and braking systems are comprised of many different components, each of which must work correctly to ensure proper function of the system as a whole. The RPA is a systematic, diagnostic 15-mile road test that reveals steering and suspension problems over a variety of road surfaces.

You'll ride alongside a technician as your coach drives over highways, curved and narrow roads, sharp turns, even bumps and ruts—they're all included in the RPA to reproduce the very symptoms that you've come to us to solve.

At the test's conclusion, we'll perform a detailed inspection of more than 50 points on your coach, including weighing your vehicle at all four corners to determine proper weight distribution.

You'll receive a written diagnosis that pinpoints the vehicle's issues, along with our professional advice on how to rectify any problems. YOU make the final decision on which components to address. After any repair work is completed, we'll test-drive the vehicle one more time, then let you take the wheel to verify the effectiveness of our work. See the steps of of the RPA.

Is your service only for motorhomes?

The RPA isn't just for big motorhomes with air ride suspension. We can also perform an RPA on your truck and travel trailer or fifth wheel trailer as well. The truck and trailer RPA is similar to the motorhome RPA, except we test the rig as a whole, then inspect the truck and trailer individually. In your tow vehicle, we'll inspect the truck suspension, wheel alignment, steering gear, disc brake rotors and pads, tie rods, idler arms, king pins, ball joints, bushings and other components. We'll also check the wheel alignment of your trailer, the bearings and shock absorbers (if equipped) and even inspect your fifth wheel trailer or travel trailer hitch system.

Community + education

Henderson’s Line-Up offers a full-line of products designed for “Safer and Happier Driving” whether from our SuperSteer division, or other trusted sources of quality products. We travel all over the country servicing trucks, trailers and motorhomes at various events, and have established a nationwide reputation for knowledge, quality products and the best possible service. We also network with other vendors & suppliers to train service personnel and also help them improve their products.

Robert and his wife are planning to be at the next RVillage Rally as a vendor, and also as a presenter.

Living Life One Mile at a Time

Not only does Mr. Henderson invent & manufacture products and improve upon RVs, he & his wife live the lifestyle—and have just completed their first book: “Living Life One Mile at a Time: 12 Secrets for Safer and Happier RV Driving." Attend their Get-Together to gain practical insights from their 35 years of experience in the RV industry & lifestyle.

RVillage virtual Get-Together

If you missed the the safety & educational Get-Together held on 6/23/20 here's the video:

Visit Henderson's Line-Up RVillage groups & profiles

Join their groups and ask questions! See profiles for product information & promotions:


RVillage member testimonial

Cinn: After being on the road full-time for my first year, when I heard of Henderson's Line-Up and what they did, I knew I wanted to take my motorhome there for the road test (RPA) and servicing. I had already handled the front-end with a Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer, but now it needed rear shocks, and it was "porpoising" very badly. I also wanted to strengthen the rear suspension for the rough roads I need to get down for boondocking.

After the “discovery & diagnostic” road-test, we prioritized from their list of recommendations what was most necessary, and in my budget at the time. They installed a rear trac bar, rear shocks, and rear sumo springs; as well as doing an adjustment to the Safe-T-Plus.

After the work was completed and I participated in the follow-up drive-test, I was amazed at the difference in the handling! Two years later, I remain very confident that my rig can get down those challenging dirt roads without rattling apart! (And it handles great on the freeways, too.)

Note: If you can't get to Grants Pass, Oregon for an RPA, they have trained technicians at many RV service centers around the country, just call them and ask for a reference based on your location!

See the Henderson's Line-Up business profile for current promotions!

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