Following the directive to “stay at home” RVillage Get-Togethers went virtual. Did you join one? Want to host one? Chris & Gina Fox will show you how!

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Chris & Gina (The Riveted Fox) came on board as the new RVillage CONNECTors just as the Coronavirus pandemic was getting started. To comply with the mandates for "social distancing," all RVillage Get-Togethers went "virtual." It was a big adjustment to transition from meeting in person at restaurants to getting together virtually online, but the photos below show that it can be done—and everyone can have fun while doing it!

What's a Virtual Brunch? Watch this quick 2-minute video and find out!

You can "connect" anytime online with RVillage Virtual Get-Togethers!

View upcoming Virtual Get-Togethers

RVillagers still want to connect—and with all the available mobile internet technology, many of you already know how to do that right from your RVs! You can get together online anytime for some face-to-face calls with Zoom.

What's Zoom and how do you use it to connect with friends & family? Hop into one of these virtual Get-Togethers every Wednesday in April, hosted by maui_boy (Earl J.): Zoom Introductions 101

Virtual Get-Together: Let's get Lit!

See the list of everybody's favorite wines! (Expand the "more" link on that page.)

Virtual Get-Together: Itching for Cool Gadgets

See the list of RVillagers favorite & cool gagets. (Expand the "more" link on that page.)

See RVillagers admiring comments.

Virtual Get-Together: APRIL Birthday Celebrations!

See more photos and comments.

VIRTUAL Rig Tours!

Great Get Together on Rig Tours last night.  About 55 or so on and around 10 members showcased their Rig.  Everyone had such a good time that we stayed online for over 2 hours just so everyone could get a turn and/or ask questions. Lots of Fun!!

See more photos, comments and TIPS!

Full Time RVers Group Virtual Get-Together

Hosted by an RVillage member, this event had 50 RSVPs, lots of conversation about Instant Pots and everyone had a great time!

How about a VIRTUAL Campfire hangout?

There was a great turnout last night and some really great shares of Epic RV Fails! It was nice being able to laugh with each other over some really CrAzY fails! We even had a REAL Campfire going!!

See the campfire discussions here, and add your own!

Virtual Brunch for EVERYONE

See more comments here and on the event page.

Virtual Happy Hour - East & Central Time

See more comments here and on the event page.

RVillage's FIRST Virtual Happy Hour

See more comments here and on the event page.

Host a Virtual Get-Together and promote your RVillage group!

"Meet" your fellow RVillagers who share the same interests! Host your own themed Virtual Get-Together for bookworms, crafting, photography, cooking, music—whatever you want to share about!

RVillage group: Read Between the Wines Book Club

These new "Virtual Get-Togethers" are really gathering momentum, and could use your enthusiasm to create many more! Chris & Gina will show you how (and wait 'til you see what they've got cooking next)!

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