Were you there for some of these amazing RVillage Virtual Get-Togethers? Look for your photos & comments below. If you've been missing out, come join the FUN with Chris & Gina Fox and your fellow RVillagers in upcoming Get-Togethers!!

What's more fun than HGTV? RVillage Virtual Get-Togethers!

Check out the upcoming Get-Togethers and sign up for one or more! Got an idea for a topic to explore with a group of like-minded RVillagers? Create your own. Chris & Gina Fox will help you set it up and moderate. Unsure of how to use Zoom? Here's a quick & easy tutorial to get you going!

The August round-up!

Virtual rig tours

See photos and more comments here.

Educational Medicare Seminar

See more comments here. Visit Chet's RVillage business page: Medicare Supplements Plus.

Bar's Open ~ Cocktail Time!

See ALL the photos and comments here. and check out this list Tara compiled of all the drink names (and some recipes)!

Mind Your Manners ~ No, really

This was a VERY popular Get-Together, about campground etiquette!

See more comments & photos here.

Here is the list of camping etiquette (pdf) and things to be mindful of, compiled from suggestions made by everyone at the Get-Together.

See related RVoices blog post: Being a good RV Neighbor.

Perseids Meteor Shower 2020

Also another popular topic!

See more photos & comments here.

August Birthday Celebration ~ ALL RVillagers Welcome!!

See more photos and comments here.

Trail Tales ~ Everybody's Got One

See a LIST of TRAILS, and LOTS more photos here!

Book Club Book Selection

Are you an avid reader? Join the Read Between the Wines Book Club and attend these lively ongoing virtual book discussions, hosted by Tara Barber!

Here are the latest book recommendations and more comments from the Get-Together.

Packratphyls Summer Blast

See more photos & comments here.

Cooking Demo - Come Cook with Us!

What's more popular than eating & drinking? COOKING!!! Be on the lookout for more of these cooking Get-Togethers, this one was a HUGE success!

See a TON of photos and LOTS more comments here.

Get some more inspiration from this RVoices post: What's Cooking?

Following the cooking demo, it was time to bake some cookies together—virtually!

See more photos here.

Game Night!: True Lies

See many more photos & LOTS of fun comments here.

Are you a Hacker or Trickster?

Tips, ticks, hacks & mods were shared in this lively Get-Together.

See more PHOTOS here.

RVillage is BOOMING!

Nearly 150 RVillagers joined in to celebrate & toast RVillage surpassing 300,000 members!

See more photos and comments here.

New RVillagers Happy Hour

Happy Hour for new RVillagers happens every month, usually on the last Monday at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific time. Check the upcoming Get-Togethers page for date & time of the next one.

Do We Have A Story To Tell - Happy Hour!

See more comments & LOTS more photos here.

Mastering the Stinky Slinky

Yes, they went there!! And LOTS of helpful tips were shared!

See more comments here.

Virtual Campfire

See more comments here.

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