Whether you RV full-time or seasonally, or maybe just once in awhile, you know it can be a challenge to make new RV friends and keep in touch with them on the road. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can help, but they’re so congested with unrelated chatter-babble that it’s often frustrating to find and connect with just the RV community you’re looking for. That’s where RVillage.com comes in.

Your village. My village. Our village. RVILLAGE.COM!

RVillage.com is a vibrant, active social network for RVers, but members who have spent more than a day with us know it’s so much more than that. Everything we do is all about connecting of people to one another, but we’re constantly evolving to include more ways for people to connect that are safe, fun and meaningful to you.

Notice that we don’t call it “RV Village” because we’re not focused on the recreational vehicles themselves - though once we do start talking about our rigs you can hardly shut us up! We call it “RVillage” because it really is a virtual neighborhood - our village - of more than sixty-four thousand members who might be right next door or thousands of miles away.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

RVillage.com makes it easy to connect with any member, every member or a targeted audience of your choosing. RVillage Groups are created by RVillagers to focus on specific topics, like full-time RV living or RV maintenance and remodeling, and our Get Togethers are a great way to join up with old friends and make new ones!

Not only that, but thousands of RV parks across America, Canada and Mexico have their own dedicated feeds that allow any member who is checked in to that park to comment on the park itself or connect with other RVillagers in the same park! You can see which members are at what park, search for friends in nearby parks or see if there are any Get Togethers scheduled in any parks along your route.

RVillage’s Explore Map is another excellent tool for finding and connecting with other members, routing to new destinations, exploring local businesses or finding that perfect RV park to go to.  It’s not only extremely useful for connecting with other RVillagers, the Explore Map is a lot of fun to use!

With over 63,000 active members on RVillage, theBlogs are the best place to read about their adventures and activities. Many members routinely post RV product reviews, how-to’s for do-it-yourselfers, best routes for RVs, favorite places to stay and more, and they’re all from RVers who have been there and done that. There’s simply no better source for entertaining RV stories and information that span the spectrum from the least experienced RV newbies to the most seasoned RV veterans.

RVillage.com is FREE!

RVillage.com makes it safe and simple to network with the entire RVillage community. Best of all, it’s absolutely free! And unlike most other social networks, RVillage allows you to share as much or as little personal information as you’re comfortable with - though the more you share the more complete your experience will be.

RVillage Member Profiles allow you to customize your RVillage experience in a number of interesting ways. For instance, we include a long list of interests and likes for you to check or uncheck, and you can add your own if there’s something you like that’s missing from the list. Do you like fishing? Poker? Motorcycles? Hiking? Jeeps? Just check them off and you can easily connect with other members who have the same or similar interests.

Including information in My Rig about your RV is another awesome way to reach out to owners of the same or similar models as yours. There’s also a robust My Photos section for you to post all your favorite pictures on RVillage, and you can sort them into specific albums to make them easy to find and share.

RVillage.com on the web and on your phone!

RVillage.com is available on the web and as an app for your Android onGoogle Play or for your iPhone on iTunes. The site loads quickly and the layout is extremely functional and easy to use. The home feed updates automatically with every new post, so there’s always something new to see.

The apps make it a breeze to stay connected even while you’re on the road so you’ll never miss another important post from a friend. They're intuitively designed by the best engineers available to take full advantage of the smaller screens so you won’t miss a thing.

RVillage.com can notify you of important activities via the apps or email, and both the apps and the website allow you to customize which notifications you receive and how.

Getting too many of one type of notification and not enough of another? No problem… just head over to our Notifications Settings page and check which ones you want and which ones you don’t. Nothing is pushed to you without your consent, and you can change your settings at any time.

RVillage.com is the best for a reason.

There’s no question that RVillage.com is already the largest and fastest growing social network for RVers, and the reasons why are obvious:

  • RVillage.com was built by RVers for RVers. We live the RV lifestyle every day - many of us are full-time RVers and have been for years. We know this community and we love being a part of it, so we work hard to make sure RVillage.com does its best to bring us all together.
  • RVillage.com is a friendly community of over 60,000 RVers who enjoy the RV lifestyle in whatever form it takes - from the smallest pop-up camper to the largest Class A diesel pusher. Big or small, old or new, first-timers or full-timers… all RVers are welcomed with open arms.
  • RVillage.com is 100% free to join! No gimmicks, no restrictions… it’s absolutely free for all to join and participate. There is an optional Gold Membership for just $20 a year that allows Gold Members exclusive access to special discounts from our sponsors - which can save members thousands of dollars - but everyone gets to take full advantage of every function of RVillage.com whether they’ve upgraded to a Gold Membership or not.
  • RVillage.com is a tight-knit community who look out for one another. We don’t allow spammers and we immediately deactivate their accounts as soon as they’re identified, which usually happens within 24 hours. Flaming, derogatory remarks and bullying would simply not tolerated, but in the two years I’ve been a member I’ve never seen it happen in any post or group activity. We don’t always agree - what fun would that be? - but we do always respect one another. That’s how friends treat friends, whether we’ve met them in person yet or not.

Join RVillage.com today and see for yourself!

It’s absolutely free so you have nothing to lose, but we’re confident that you’ll love everything you gain from joining the largest, fastest-growing social network for RVers on the internet. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the folks in the RV parked next to you about RVillage.com. We look forward to meeting you.

Travel safe. Travel well. Travel often.