RVs have utilities, just like "sticks 'n bricks" homes: electricity, plumbing, cooling & heating. RVillage members share their knowledge and helpful tips for these various systems.

RV Electricity

RV electrical systems are probably the least understood systems on board. RVillage members share their knowledge and helpful tips about the 12-Volt system, using shore power, and three forms of electricity for RVs: batteries, solar, and generators.

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RV Plumbing & Tanks

Learn about the various water tanks and the Pex pipes found in RVs. Also covered: water hoses, water filters, water pumps, water pressure regulators, draining & sanitizing the fresh water tank, dumping the gray tank, sewer hoses, dumping and unclogging the black tank, blue boys, macerators, tank level indicators, how to find dump stations, where to find potable water—and many tips from RVillage group discussions on this topic.

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RV Cooling & Heating

Learn from RVillage members about staying cool with rooftop and non-ducted air conditioners, roof vent fans, and heat pumps (yes they can keep you cool, too). RVillagers also share their tips and experiences with heating an RV with propane furnaces, propane and catalytic space heaters, fireplaces (electric or propane), alternative sources of heat such as woodstoves and heated flooring. Also discussed: upgrading your thermostat.

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RV Propane

RVillage members share their knowledge and helpful tips about RV Propane systems and appliances. Topics include: safety alarms/detectors, propane tanks and stay extenders, cooking with propane, propane refrigerators, propane and dual-source water heaters, propane furnaces, portable propane heaters, propane generators and propane fire pits! Join the discussions and add your own experiences.

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Disclaimer: The information gathered here is compiled from the posts and opinions of RVillagers, and not of RVillage itself. RVillage assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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