Towing a travel trailer, fifth-wheel or toy hauler can be daunting for a first-time RVer. If you have a motorhome, should you “flat-tow” a car behind—or put it on a tow dolly? Experienced and helpful RVillage members have plenty of helpful tips for you!

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Important note

This is not meant to be a comprehensive all-inclusive guide to towing. Please do your research for the vehicle(s) you own or plan to own; and the regulations of the states and provinces that you live in and/or plan to travel in—to tow safely and legally.

What is recreational towing? It differs from emergency towing.

As an RVer, your setup could either be a motorhome with tow a vehicle behind it (also referred to as a "toad" for towed vehicle or "dingy"); or a truck (or large SUV) pulling a travel trailer, fifth-wheel or toy hauler. If you haven't made that decision yet, check out the following article: Which type of RV is right for YOU?

To get started, see an overview of some basic towing tips, especially backing up!

Towing behind a motorhome

Are there any convenient alternatives to towing?

Bikes, bus or Uber? Depends on how far you are from town and what needs to be transported! See RVillager's thoughts on the various alternatives and why they may or may not work for you.

Newbie with motorhome asks for basic towing advice

LOTS of great responses from helpful fellow RVers.

“Flat-tow” that car or put it on a trailer?

See all the thoughtful answers here.

What kind of equipment do you need to flat-tow safely?

RVillagers have great information to offer.

If you had the choice, could you use a tow dolly? Would you want to?

Seems to be not recommended.

Can you back up with a flat-towed dingy?

Answers from RVillagers are unanimous: Don't do it!

5 tips for preventing tire blowouts in your RV

Overloading your RV is the number one no-no

That “toad" WILL need a supplemental braking system!

LOTS of helpful tips and information to digest on this topic!

Additional resources for flat-towing behind a motorhome

Towing a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or toy-hauler

Backing in a trailer solo for a newbie

See a range of answers here.

Can an SUV safely pull a travel trailer?

View responses to this question here.

What is weight distribution and sway control?

Check out what RVillagers have to say.

See the recommendations.

How about towing a travel trailer down those boondocking roads?

RVillagers share their practical tips.

...or down steep mountain inclines?

Some VERY good advice offered here.

Additional resources for towing a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or toy-hauler

RVillagers respond.

AAA's towing guidelines addresses this issue by US states and Canadian provinces. Also see: RVIA's Maximum Allowable RV Lengths (pdf)

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You can find many helpful educational videos for all kinds of towing equipment at eTrailer (scroll down to “Towing Information” & “Trailer Information”).

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