RVillage members discuss the types of refrigerators found in RVs, and how to keep them running efficiently.

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Understanding how RV refrigerators work

What is a 3-way refrigerator?

View the responses.

What are the new propane-free refrigerators?
Can you boondock with them?

See the discussion and add your thoughts.

What are the 12-volt DC requirements for the propane-free fridges?

Learn more here.

Residential refrigerators
Is boondocking with solar and a residential fridge possible?

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An RVillager shares very detailed information about their experience.

Solving operational issues

Is it the control board or the cooling unit?

See all the helpful advice.

See helpful ideas.

Or perhaps it's the burner tube, thermocouple, igniter, or... see a wide range of suggestions from helpful RVillagers.

Also check these trouble-shooting tips (could be air in the line).

Upgrading the cooling unit

See an RVillager's recommendation.

Refrigerator won't stay on in propane mode?

See some suggested ideas.

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Should you run the refrigerator on propane while driving down the road?

RVillagers offer a full range of advice.

Smelling propane?

See the urgent responses here.

Keeping the appliance cool

Reflectix on the outside? Fans on the inside? Or just open the awning?

Here are a few ideas.

More ideas here.

Still won't get cold enough? Get a residential fridge instead?

LOTS of responses!

And the debate continues...

Which do you recommend? RV or residential fridge?

Replacing the appliance

How do you replace a refrigerator in a motorhome?

See suggestions, and more answers here.

More info and lots of great photos.

When the RV is parked for long periods, or in storage

Leave the fridge running or no?

See all the helpful tips!

Tips for convenience

1: Use spring-loaded shelf bars pushed up against everything inside the fridge—especially when rolling down the road—to prevent an avalanche later when opening the door! (Tip: the single ones hold up better than the double-style.) Here are a few more ideas to keep things in place.

2: Clever tip for making that chore of defrosting your freezer so much quicker & easier!

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