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What's it like living in an RV? Top 3 tips for newbies!

Tiny home living! Everything is so much smaller, and storage space must be considered at all times—especially when planning what to bring along. Living in a smaller space with multiple people and pets can be an overwhelming idea—but the RVillage community is full of experienced, helpful and friendly RVers who are happy to share their tips and experiences with newbies!

See the long list of RVillagers Top 3 tips for new RVers.

Lifestyle tips

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The RV kitchen & cooking

Get this yummy recipe here.

There's no doubt RVers love to eat! And many enjoy cooking as well. Get inspired with this post: Let's Eat! RVillagers talk about RV cooking.

Besides grilling and baking, Instant Pots are one of the most popular ways RVers love to cook. Check out the RVs and Instant Pots group for recipes, information & inspiration. Also see this helpful post about the different sizes that are available.

Join some other cooking groups to share techniques & recipes:

More kitchen tips

If you have a choice, park your rig so that the refrigerator is facing north. If it's facing the south or west, it will work harder. If you can't do that, here are some possible ways you can help with its cooling.

Here's a great tip for defrosting that freezer!

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Considering an RV dishwasher? SO MANY honest shares about those here, (as well as washer/dryer tips).

Reflectix is not just for blocking sun & excess heat in your windows, but also works well as a liner inside south & west-facing cupboards!

Here are some water conservation tips (not just for dry camping/boondockers or kitchens, also showers, etc.)

The RV bathroom

Where do you get this great space-saver?

Tips for soap storage & dispensing in that small RV shower!

Is special TP necessary in an RV toilet? Opinions vary among RVers.

Can you have your own washer and dryer onboard? Which type is favored among RVers?

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RV bedrooms

Overall storage ideas

Experienced RVers have learned that you can find & create storage just about anywhere, with a little planning and elbow grease.

See the responses and more tips here.

Visit this discussion thread to see the detailed description of all the solutions with more photos, plus all the replies with tips!

More storage solutions.

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RVillagers enjoy fixing up their homes, making it theirs—and showing it off!

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For more ideas, join this group to share tips & inspiration with fellow RVillagers: RV Remodeling, Renovation and Restoration

A few helpful general tips

Furry family members

Can you take all your pets on the road with you? Of course you can! Experienced RVillagers share their tips & tales from the road: Traveling with Pets in an RV

Internet & TV

How do you stay connected for work or pleasure, and be entertained wherever you go? RVillagers have LOTS of great tips & info about this.
See: Mobile internet and TV

Working from the road

How do you setup a mobile office and work from the road? There are lots of working-age RVers on the road today. Join these groups to learn & share:

Get more ideas in this post: The RVillagers guide to working from the road

Hobbies, Crafts & Artists

Is there room onboard for your particular hobby? Yes! RVillagers share all about their favorites things to do in these posts: RVillagers favorite Stay-at-Home hobbies and Artists on the Road.

Off-grid living

If RV parks aren't your thing, you can live happily off-grid in an RV and experience the beauty of the wide-open spaces on millions of acres of public lands in the US & Canada. Learn all about "boondocking" here: The RVillagers Guide to Boondocking

Learn how to outfit your rig for generating solar energy—and stay unplugged! See: RV Solar

RVillage groups

Join these RVillage groups to ask questions and learn!

Search for more groups.

How do you take care of all the mechanical aspects of your RV home on wheels?
See: Care & maintenance of your RV

Storing, living in or traveling with your RV during the winter? This post covers it all: Getting you & your RV winterized—it's not just about the pink stuff!

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