RVillage members share their advice for replacing that uncomfortable mattress or ugly sofa; swapping out the dinette for a desk, and other RV furniture upgrade tips.

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The mattress is usually the first thing to go!

RVillagers recommendations.

Where do you find a short Queen-sized mattress? View suggestions.

Or a mattress for an over the drivers seat loft bed? Where to find.

See favorite mattress brands, and more favorites here.

Or adding a mattress topper...

View helpful responses; and more ideas here.


Do you need special sheets for an RV king-sized bed? Helpful advice.
More sources for sheets.

RVillagers discuss the challenges involved with making up those difficult RV beds, and the best ways to keep those sheets snug while sleeping on them!

View responses.

Tips on securing recliners while traveling.

Helpful advice on sofa removal.

Dinette transformations

Replace the dinette with a recliner!

Or maybe the dinette area is the best spot for a sofa.

Keeping the dinette? Where do you get replacement cushions?

LOTS of great storage ideas for under those dinette bench seats!

Need a desk in your RV?

Inspiration for transforming the dinette area into a coffee nook/computer desk.

Has anyone converted a bed to Murphy bed/desk?

Add your ideas to this thread.

Check out this beautiful window seat that converts into a desk—shown at the top of this post!

See more PHOTOS and comments here.


Some RVers like to replace the propane stove with an induction cooktop:

View all the responses, and a few caveats—such as the special cookware that is needed.

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Sources for furniture

Where do you buy RV furniture? Lots of great recommendations here, and a few more ideas.

RVillage groups

Join some groups for ideas and inspiration, ask questions and post your tips!

Search for more groups.

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