Many families are choosing to live & travel in an RV, teaching their children from the road. Can you do this, too? RVillage members offer their insights & helpful tips.

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While adults enjoy the obvious benefits of living & working from the road, home/road-schooled children can reap the rewards of real-time geography and history and natural science lessons on a daily basis—rather than just from books and videos.

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People may tell you you're crazy...

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We all start out as newbies

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How do you keep all those kids happy?

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Fulltiming 5 years!

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Father and son hit the road

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Homeschooling or “roadschooling”

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Which homeschooling programs do RVing families use?

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How do you juggle working remotely and homeschooling children in a small living space?

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How does domicile (the state you legally reside in) affect homeschooling?

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More thoughts about family full-time living, working remotely, and homeschooling

Don't make everything educational!

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Boondocking is great for kids!

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Some floorplan ideas—specifically how to handle issues with those bunk beds

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How would you solve this?

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You can be a part-time RVing family, too!

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