What are the essentials and for a safe & comfortable RV driving experience? RVillage members share their tips & experiences.

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Go for quality, and watch the age.

RVillagers are in agreement, with VERY helpful replies. A discussion on tire limits and brands. A couple of highly recommended brands.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

No RV should be without a TPMS. Watch the video and see why, then learn why the TireMinder brand is recommended:
TireMinder—for the safety of your loved ones on board.
(Gold members get a bonus premium when purchasing.)

Steering stabilization & rear suspension

Learn how you can gain better control of your rig for safer driving with Henderson's Line-Up and their affiliates around the country. See this post: How well does your rig handle?


To learn more about towing, see this post: RV towing tips.

Backup cameras

For safer driving—especially with towables.

Fellow RVillagers agree that this is a good idea.

Vehicle Insurance

See the following post: RV Insurance Myths, Truths & Tips.

Get a free quote here.

Know the weight of your rig!

Don't drive overweight. There is increased risk to you & your loved ones' safety, your tires, extra engine wear, and loss of gas mileage. Be safe!

See helpful replies here.

Some places to get your rig weighed:

RV-friendly GPS systems

What are some good GPS systems for avoiding low clearance situations?

Check out all these suggestions. Plus a few more ideas here, and more here, and yet more!

Here are some clever ideas for mounting a GPS unit.

Watching out for weather, wind & wildfires

Keeping an eye on the weather where you are headed next may help prevent driving into big storms! Watch those fires, too, especially if you are travelling out west. RVillage members share their tips & favorite tools in this RVoices post: Weather & Wildfire Safety for RVers.

You may want to also check in on the Road Warnings group.

Travel time/distance

How much driving should you do in one day? (hours/distance) See all the helpful suggestions.

RV driving school

Many RVillagers think it's a great idea to get professional instruction for driving. See comments here.

After you are parked

Although the following equipment is not used while driving, it is essential to protect your investment—and in the case of electrical, for your safety as well.

RV protection equipment

If you stay anywhere with hookups, a surge protector is recommended.

RVillagers have some strong feelings about this. Plus a few horror stories. And more reasons for why your rigs needs this protection. It's all about prevention! Fellow RVers offer some recommended brands.

You may want to also protect your plumbing with a water pressure regulator.

Here's why. Again—prevention is less costly than the repairs! How often does this device need to be replaced? See responses here.

Protect those expensive tires when parked!

RVillagers agree about applying tire covers in the sun; and not parking on concrete for prolonged periods. See discussion here and add your tips.

A few helpful tips for when you first arrive at your campsite:

RVillage groups

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Safety & security

For personal safety, see the following post: Safety & security for you and your RV.

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