RVillage Get-Togethers have gone virtual (for now). Find and join one here. Everyone's having so much fun connecting faces & voices in these Zoom calls to fellow RVillagers that we usually only see online. Learn more about these fun Virtual Get-Togethers!

YouTube video

Gina & Chris are Awesome! Check out their short YouTube video and see how easy it was for them to create an RVillage Get-Together.

Be sure and subscribe to their YouTube channel, and connect with them on RVillage.

Thank you so much, Gina & Chris for doing this! We love you!

Create and share your events with RVillage Get-togethers!

See also Create a Get-together how-to guide.
Create your Get-together now. RVillage provides all the assistance you'll need to make it happen—we even provide you with some RVillage swag!
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