RVillage members share a myriad of uses for pool noodles, and other clever tricks for around the RV.

Did you have any idea that pool noodles (also called “swim noodles”) were so versatile?

Jump into some of the discussion threads below (or start your own!) and share how YOU put 'em to use!

View responses with a wide variety of purposes!

Save your head!

See all the FUN comments.

Other places you can bang your head (and protect it with pool noodles):

See more humorous comments, and LOTS more about protecting yourself (and even pets!) from slide-out corners.

Well, that was actually pipe insulation used on the cabinet edges in the photo above—so how about pool noodles used as pipe insulation?

RVillagers offer LOTS of additional tips in response. See more suggestions here—including pool noodles of course!

Pipe insulation (or pool noodles) can be used to insulate drafty areas as well.

Keep things in place inside those cabinets

A variety of practical tips for putting those "swim noodles" into service.

Is the microwave plate jumping around while rolling down the road?

RVillagers like this idea!

Food bouncing around in the fridge?

More related tips offered here.

Washer shaking the house?

Solve it with pool noodles, of course!

See responses.

Window treatments: for those annoying rattling shades

View larger photos, and other comments.

A dressy version of rattle-stoppers

See larger photos for details and inspiration!

Swim noodles for airflow under a mattress!

Windshield wipers sticking to the window when parked? Pool noodles to the rescue!

More related tips here.

Ladder treatments

Multiple ideas at work belowincluding a pool noodle, of course!

View responses.

More uses for pool noodles in that overhead bunk!

See all the replies, with several suggestions for using pool noodles!

Here's another great list of practical uses, beginning with a link to a doc with some PHOTOS.

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