One of the biggest challenges of traveling in an RV is finding the right spot for everything! RVillage members share their helpful tips for getting your RV organized.

Packing the RV: Storage ideas and space-saving tips

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See LOTS of helpful ideas here.

Downsizing to a smaller rig? RVillagers offer suggestions.

Organizing the RV kitchen

What kitchen supplies do you bring?

View all the responses, and add yours!

Plastic bins are your friend!

Another RVillager uses plastic bins in the narrow pantry.

See MORE kitchen storage ideas here.

Pro tip: don't store heavy items such as canned goods, or breakables in overhead bins—to prevent avalanches and injuries! Also, heat-sensitive foods, vitamins, and even body care products should be stored in lower cabinets to stay cooler.

Making better use of the storage space under the dinette with pull-out drawers:

See other ideas here, with PHOTOS such as under-bed plastic bins—and a few more suggestions here.

Organizing RV bathroom

A couple of ideas for that RV shower:

Photo credits: Left: Pauline & Raymond, Right: Mikell & Jan

More ideas here.

View all the helpful responses.

See also storage ideas for beside the toilet, and LOTS of tips for where a toilet paper holder could go (as well as other bathroom storage tips).

RV bedroom storage

Add drawers to a closet to maximize space!

Photo credit: Marsha & Matthew

SHOE storage can be challenging. See some great ideas here, with PHOTOS.

And here are some tips for jewelry storage.

RV "living room" organizing

When your whole rig is the living room, you may find yourself tripping over the pet dishes. Here's a solution to that!

Add to the admiring comments here.

How do you store your movies and music media?

Check out all the great ideas—and add yours!

Where do you put all the outdoor camping gear?

Not only the fun stuff, but the necessities need a place to be, so you can find them when you need them!

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Where does that black tank hose go? Here are some creative ideas.

See storage ideas for long electrical cords.

Don't forget the fishing rods!

A few ideas offered here.

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