You've joined the only social media website for RVers: RVillage. Here's how to get the most out of your membership, make new friends and learn from each other. (Photo credit: Janet Lachapelle)

Join some groups

Have a question? Posting it on the RVillage homepage may not get you very many responses. Instead, choose a group that's topic-specific to your question and post it there! Search and browse all the RVillage groups. Here are a few popular groups to get you started:

  • Why Didn't I Think of That? Tips and Tricks
  • Full Time RVers
  • Boondockers
  • National Park Fans

    Pro tip: Did you know? When you ask your question in a group, members of that group who have their notifications turned on will be alerted to the new post. Just watch and see how many responses you get!

    Make friends on RVillage

    Whenever you make a post, people you have made friends with on RVillage will be alerted, and if they have an answer or a tip, they will likely join in the discussion, too. Here are some great tips on how to make friends on RVillage and around you.

    Make friends around you

    Being on the road can feel isolating sometimes. Everyone is in their own little box, especially when the weather is bad, no one's out next door. So how do you meet your neighbors? Here are more ideas on how to connect with other RVillagers.

    You'll soon find that RVillagers are some of the most helpful (and friendly!) RVers out there.

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