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Saturday, January 26, 2019
You pick the time.

You pick the place.

RVillagers had so much fun gathering across the North America on December 8, 2018 that we’re doing it again in January! Bring in the new year with fellow RVillagers in your area on January 26th. Share your 2019 RV goals over a meal, a drink, a hike, or even a pet play-date!

Wherever you’ll be on January 26th, you can host a Gathering. It’s easy to host and it's really fun. There is very little to do, simply choose the place and the time that you want to meetup with fellow RVillagers and then show up. We'll handle the rest (invitations, marketing, etc.). You'll get some cool RVillage swag to hand out at the Gatherings and we'll even send you a thank you gift for being a host.

The map below shows all of the January Gatherings that we have scheduled as of January 16, 2019. Sign up to host a Gathering now and we'll add it to our map.

RVillagers are planning January Gatherings in cities all across North America. You can plan one too!

It's simple to sign up.

  1. Pick a location.
    Simply choose the place that you want to meetup with fellow RVillagers. Maybe you want to check out a brewery, or take a walk in a nature center, or try out a new restaurant or coffee shop, or visit a historical site or local attraction (shopping anyone?).
  2. Pick the time and make one phone call.
    Give the location a call to make sure they can accommodate a group on January 26, 2019 at your desired time. Make reservations if necessary.
  3. Fill out the host sign-up form below and submit it.
    It only takes a few minutes to fill out the sign-up form (located below) for your Gathering so that we can announce it on RVillage and invite RVillagers within a 50 mile radius of the location. Once we receive the form, we will contact you and keep you informed about how many people will be attending.
  4. Show up to the Gathering!
    Simply show up at the Gathering, share great conversations, take pictures, and talk about your 2019 RV goals with fellow RVillagers, and post some photos to share with all of us. Don't forget to have fun!

We can't wait for you to join us on Saturday, January 26th, wherever you are!

Signups are now closed for the January Gatherings. If you're interested in hosting a Gathering, check out the most current Gathering planned.

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