RVillagers love to connect. Let others know more about you so they can send friend requests. Here's how.

Viewing RVillage member profiles — it's easy!

When viewing profiles, the page defaults to "My Activity." Choose "About Me" to learn more about an RVillager to see if you have similar interests (hobbies, groups or clubs), or even the same rig!

New to RVillage? Be sure to complete your profile!

If you’re new to RVillage, you’ll want to complete your profile right away, so potential new friends don’t get something like this:

That doesn't say very much, does it? You can see why it's important to complete your profile. For detailed steps on where and how to go fill that out, see this help page. The more you share, the more people will get to know about you and want to "Add Friend" if your interests really match up. You never know when your paths may cross and you'll want to share some activities togther — whether it's happy hour, a potluck, or a morning walk to the dog park!

Long-time RVillager? When was the last time you updated your profile?

When you first joined RVillage, you probably uploaded a profile photo or two, including one of your rig. You shared your travel plans and joined a few groups. Has anything changed? A new RV? Additional furry family members? That "Current Mission" is probably different now, yes? You can update your profile here.

Make new friends!

The most fun part of being a member of RVillage is making new friends, everywhere you go. Here are some ideas for connecting:

  • Is your location up to date? You can set that here. Then check the map at the top of the RVillage home page to see who's around you. Click the red markers, view profiles to see what you have in common, reach out & connect!

  • Send friend requests. When viewing profiles, simply click the "Add Friend" button. Send a friend requests to members who "like" or comment on photos you upload; reply to comments you make, or to members who view your profile. You can also check your notifications page to see who has sent YOU a friend request, and also view friend recommendations here. It's fun!

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