Whether you're a new member, or a long-time RVillager, keep your RVillage profile current—so you can connect and make new friends! Here's how.

That screenshot above doesn't say very much, does it? Nobody wants to talk to a ghost! For people to get to know you on RVillage, it's important to complete your profile. The more you share, the more others can see if your interests match up with theirs—more reasons to connect!

New to RVillage?

If you’re new to RVillage, you’ll want to complete your profile right away, so members can learn about you. Here's how:

For detailed steps on how to edit your profile, see this help page.

Be sure and add info about your rig

RVillagers love to talk about their rigs, especially when they find other owners with the same one! Edit your profile here.

Join some groups!

Find like-minded friends in groups! You'll get more responses when you ask questions in groups rather than just on the home feed. When you join groups, you can set your notifications to be prompted when RVillagers post, so you can add to the conversations!

Here are some popular groups you can join:

If you are new to RVillage, are you a member of the New RVillagers group? You can introduce yourself on any of the groups feeds, or just start sharing tips and photos!

Browse and search more groups here.

Are you a long-time RVillager? When was the last time you updated your profile?

When you first joined RVillage, you probably uploaded a profile photo or two, including one of your rig. You shared your travel plans and joined a few groups. Has anything changed? A new RV? Additional furry family members? That "Current Mission" is probably different now, yes? You can update your profile here.

Make new friends!

The most fun part of being a member of RVillage is making new friends. The more friends you have, the more people to see & respond to your posts!

Send friend requests. When viewing other profiles, simply click the "Add Friend" button. Send a friend requests to members who "like" or comment on photos you upload, reply to comments you make, or to members who view your profile. You can also check your notifications page to see who has sent YOU a friend request, and view friend recommendations here.

Attend a virtual Get-Together!
Have you heard about all the new "virtual" Get-Togethers that are happening? On RVillage, you never have to be socially distant! Find a Get-Together here.

Is your location up to date?

Set your location here. Then check the map at the top of the RVillage home page to see who's around you. Click the red markers, view profiles to see what you have in common, reach out & connect. It's that easy!

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