How do you stay connected, whether for work and/or entertainment while moving around, especially in remote areas? RVillage members share their tips.

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To get started, here is a wide range of helpful advice on the topics of TV reception and internet connections while traveling.


Technology changes rapidly—plans, equipment, rates. For the most up-to-date unbiased information, RVillage recommends our dear friends Chris & Cherie of the Mobile Internet Resource Center. See their RVillage group.

Discussions around RVillage

Add to this discussion about cellular internet options.

Here's an explanation of mobile connectivity from an RVillage member, with a Hershey candy bar analogy.

See what RVillagers use as alternatives to campground wifi.

Mobile "hotspots"
Should you use your cell phone as a hotspot or buy a dedicated hotspot? Check out this discussion.


See answers here and add yours!

Satellite internet?
Members discuss satellite internet vs. boosting cell signal.

Is it acceptable to use public (retail) wifi to do your major downloads?
Comments from experienced RVillagers.

Cell service in Canada & Mexico

Traveling through Canada to Alaska? RVillagers discuss which cell providers they use.

Members share resources for Canada-only data plans, and plans that cover Mexico, too.

Your mobile RV office

See more information about setting up a mobile office and working online remotely.


OTA (over the air TV)
Tips for tuning in with that RV rooftop antenna!

Which satellite TV provider?

RVillagers comment on which providers they like (and don't like). LOTS of other options are discussed here.

What about streaming TV over cellular internet?
See this wide-ranging discussion.

Also, helpful RVillagers offer info on advanced streaming techniques, and how to solve buffering issues when streaming/casting.

Looking for an HDMI adaptor for Android? RVillagers offer their suggestions. Maybe you have some tips to add, too?

Got cable TV?
Remember to tighten those cables periodically. Your home (& TVs) are on the move, unlike in your stationary home. Shake, rattle & roll!

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