Where will your "home" be this holiday season? How do you celebrate? RVillage members share their tips for cooking, decorating and holiday destinations.

Photo credits, top: Gretty The Unlikely RVer; Kebamo; tinymystic

What are you grateful for?

It’s been a busy year around RVillage! We’ve welcomed lots of new friends to our community. Groups and Get-Togethers have kept us connected. As a community, we have a lot to be thankful for. Campgrounds that welcomed us. Fellow RVillagers who connected with us and helped us remember we’re RVers, even when we aren’t on the move. And so much more.

We invite you to contribute to the RVillagers Gratitude Journal. Share your thoughts, share your photos, share your support for one another.

Decorating your RV for the holidays

Photo credit: Susan

When do you put YOUR Christmas tree up?

How do you decorate—inside and outside? Check out all these creative ideas, and share your decorating photos!

See more photos and decorating ideas.

See tips for hanging an exterior holiday wreath.

Where do you store all those decorations between holidays?

See replies here.

Holiday cooking in a small RV kitchen

Photo credit: Pxfuel

How do you cook that big turkey in a small oven? Or perhaps you have some different meal ideas to share? Add your holiday meal tips and recipes here!

Friendly reminder: Your fur babies can't eat everything you eat.

This sounds delicious for the holidays!: Spiced apple cider glazed turkey breast.

Here's a recipe from a member's Harvest Host stay for spiced hot apple wine.

A couple of tasty ideas for those leftovers:

Holiday destinations

Whichever year-end holidays you celebrate, chances are you want to be near family. Will you travel to them or will they travel to you? What are your favorite holiday destinations? See suggestions from fellow RVillagers and add yours to the conversation.

You don't have to be alone on the holidays!

Watch for FUN RVillage holiday Get-Togethers such as Friendsgiving, Gift Giving RV Style, Ugly XMas Sweater Contest, YOUR Traditional Holiday Menus, Cajunville Cooking EggNog, Best Childhood Santa Present, New Years Eve Cocktail Party and more to be announced! Check the Get-Togethers schedule here.

Solo? Update your location, then check the RVillage map to see who's around you. Reach out and connect!

Suggestion: Post your plans on RVillage and invite others! Here's an example.


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