RVillage is all about connecting with fellow RVers.  Most of the time, we do this virtually, using the website to post our locations, ask questions, join groups and learn more about our RV lifestyle from fellow RV travelers.

RVillage Get-Togethers bring a whole new dimension to connecting – these are opportunities where we can meet other members in person! And not only do we get real live feedback, we have fun at the same time.

Jack and Nadyne Huber (center)

Jack and Nadyne Huber left their house in Denver 18 months ago and hit the road full-time in their 32’ Crossroads Cruiser fifth wheel. Nadyne had retired after 35 years in the insurance industry, and Jack had been the service manager of a janitorial supply company. In his free time, he’s also an author and has published a series of books featuring Pat Ruger, a retired Colorado detective. (He’s working on the eighth one right now.)

The Hubers had belonged to a camping club in Denver and found that they were missing local friends while they were out on the road. Through RVillage, Jack began organizing Get-Togethers. His first event was in Tucson, and 30 RVillagers showed up, many of whom were also full-timers. He then began scheduling Get-Togethers at microbreweries and pubs as he traveled up the west coast.

“It’s really not that much work,” says Jack. “I secure a place and ask if I can bring a group of 15. I give the information to Donna at RVillage, and she posts and sends out invitations to RVillagers in that area. A few days ahead, I message everyone who has RSVP’d, to get a better count for the restaurant. After that, I just enjoy being there, being friendly and talking to strangers.”

Elizabeth Wilkerson

On the other side of the country, solo RVer Elizabeth Wilkerson has so far hosted five Get-Togethers at her home in Seffner, Florida. Although she lives full-time in her Class A motorhome, she maintains a house “for storage purposes.” “I wanted to meet people around me and find out where they’re going and where they’ve been. Everyone brings finger foods, and we have lunch and play different games. I’ve converted half of my RV shed to a party area with chairs, fans and lights,” says Elizabeth.

Tink Huish

And in New Braunfels Texas, Tink and Chuck Huish have already hosted nine Get-Togethers. Retired while still in their 40s, the couple has been full-timing in their Voltage fifth wheel for 18 months. Chuck is currently working on certification as an RV inspector. Tink has been a full-time “Mom Extraordinaire,” homeschooling their children.

“I’m an extrovert. I like to plan parties,” says Tink. “I have a ball talking to people who are doing the same things we are. You have friends for a lifetime and friends for a moment. We like to plant seeds in people’s lives and come back later to see how that seed has affected them.”

Tink’s first two Get-Togethers were held at a local Elks Lodge. The third was held at a campground and basically turned into a mini rally, with RVillagers arriving on Wednesday and staying through Monday. She’s organized a luau, complete with roast pig, and at the next one she intends to show the movie The Long Long Trailer.

At one of his campground Get-Together potlucks, Jack Huber realized that two of his guests were missing, although they finally arrived 45 minutes late. Apparently, they had gone to the wrong campsite where a group of people were enjoying their Happy Hour. Thinking it was the RVillage group, they joined in. After they realized they were in the wrong place, they headed to Jack’s site. Jack simply invited the other group to join them.

“I really enjoy the whole concept of RVillage,” says Jack. “It’s difficult to make friends on the road and to find help problem solving. You really don’t know who you’re dealing with on Facebook or on other social media. On RVillage, everyone knows why you’re there – for the community and to provide help. We’re so happy to be a part of it.”

It’s easy to host an RVillage Get-Together. Go to: RVillage Create a Get-Together

For extra help or questions, you can reach out to Donna through an RVillage message to RVillage CONNECT, call (480) 712-1140 or email her.

You’ll be glad you did.

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