Are you using all the great features of RVillage? Whether you're a newbie to the platform or you've been around awhile, here are some tips for using the only social network built BY RVers, FOR RVers.

The Explorer map

No other social network places RVers on a map so that you can easily find each other, based on where you are located! To use this awesome feature, set your location to the RV park or campground that you’re currently in (or the city you are boondocking near), and make sure to update your location as often as possible as you travel. Set your location here.

Set your estimated date of departure so you can get an email reminder when your location has expired. You may also receive welcome messages when you arrive in a new area! Be sure to say "hi" back, and also welcome new arrivals to your area.

Find RVillage members, friends, parks & services on the map!

Use the map to find RVillage members, RV parks, groups & RV clubs you belong to—and also friends, merchants and RV services—at your destination, and along your route. (In-person Get-Togethers are mostly on hold right now.) Set the distance (from 25 to 250 miles), select one or more of the markers, and wait for the map to display. Click any marker on the map to get the name & location. Then click the name in the balloon for detailed profile information. Here's the profile link for the example balloon shown below: High Desert Veterinary PC.

For more how-to instructions & tips on how to use the map, see:

Complete your profile!

No one wants to talk to a ghost! Upload a profile photo, and then edit what type of rig you have. Show off your RV! Add a few photos of favorite places you've visited, your hobbies and your fur babies—that will get people talking to you! Edit your profile here.

Then introduce yourself on the Home Feed to get a warm welcome from friendly RVillagers!

Join some groups!

Isn't it fun to find and make new friends with the same interests? That's what all the RVillage groups are for! Are you a crafty RVer? Do you like to cook? Maybe photography is your thing. Show off your photos, recipes, pets & rigs. Ask questions, answer questions, and comment on other members posts & photos. Before long, you'll have hundreds of new RVillage friends all over the country—and possibly even right next door!

Join an RV owners group! Find other owners of the same brand as your rig to swap tips, solve problems, and more! Find RV owner groups here.

Here are some popular groups you can join:

If you are new to RVillage, are you a member of the New RVillagers group? You can introduce yourself on any of the groups feeds, or just start sharing tips and photos!

Browse and search more groups here.

Find other group members on the map!
After you join a group, just for fun, click the "Group Map" button near top of any group's page to see who's around you that from that group! For example, shown below is the group map for the Full Timer RVers group.

If you are a member of that group, the following link will display a map of any those group members who are near YOUR current location: Full Time RVers group map.

Isn't that FUN? You can see why it's important to keep your location updated. Remind your RVillage friends and group members to keep their location updated, too—so you can more easily find each other!

Still can't find exactly what you're looking for? Use the "search" feature to find specific information on a topic by choosing "Posts, Comments & Replies" in the dropdown. You can also use this page to search for RV parks, members, interests, clubs and more. Search here.

Can't figure out how to do something on the site or the app?

Look for the button at the top of every page that will bring you to the "How to Guide" for the page you are on. Also check the "How to Use RVillage" section of the RVoices blog.


Set your notifications
Want to change how frequently you get emails? You can control that in notification settings. Hint: You may want to be notified when a friend or group member arrives in your area or your RV park; and you will probably want to know when someone sends you a message or friend request—so don't turn everything off. See more detailed instructions here.

Check your notifications
Has anyone sent you a friends request? Have you been invited to a Get-Together? Maybe someone has commented on your profile or a post you made. If you've turned off notifications and you're not getting any emails or app pushes, you can find your notifications here.

Check your messages
And don't forget to check your messages on RVillage. A new friend may be wanting to connect!

Add friends!

As you peruse groups and see other interesting profiles, don't be afraid to click the "Add friend" button. That's what we are all here for—connections. Also, check out who's viewed your profile and start adding friends!

Attend some virtual Get-Togethers!

Chris & Gina Fox / The Riveted Fox moderate most all of the FUN RVillage Get-Togethers!

"Meet" your fellow RVillagers! Although currently most RVillage Get-Togethers are being held "virtually" through online Zoom meetings, it's a great way to put a voice to a face and "hang out" with a dozen or more RVers & have some fun. Every week new Get-Togethers are added with LOTS of fun topics! Check out the lineup here.

Watch for the New RVillagers Get-Together that happens every month on the last Monday, 8pm eastern, 5pm Pacific time.

If you're not familiar or comfortable with using Zoom (yet), check out this helpful article that really simplifies how to use: The ABCs of using Zoom to connect virtually.

New to RVing?

There's a lot to be learned, and fellow RVillagers are here to help—by answering your questions in the groups, and sharing their information & experiences! Check out the many chapters of The RVillagers Guide to RVing, a member-generated collection of tips, tricks, and proven advice—curated from the thousands of discussion groups on RVillage.

RVillage: Your social network on the road

We can easily feel isolated in our RVs, or even in campgrounds, when we are wondering who's in the RVs all around us. Whether you are staying in place—and when we able to roam around again—you never need to feel lonely on the road (or at home) with RVillage. RVers and RV dreamers are a fun, caring, warm group of people just looking for connections, while we do the things we love. Learn more here: Social networking for RVers.

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