Highlights from the podcast interview with Curtis, the founder of RVillage, and Tony & Peggy Barthel of StressLess Camping. Listen to it here.
  • RVillage is the only location-aware social network for RVers & nomadics. It differs from other social networks because it connects people to each based on where they are located.

  • RVillage differs from other location-aware platforms because it's an at-will set your location platform. There's no blue dot following you around. You can set it to the RV park you are in, or the nearest city to where you are boondocking. You can even set your location as "I'm traveling."

  • Another reason RVillage is safe is because you are not required to use your real name unless you want to. Create whatever user name you want! You address and phone number are neither required or encouraged.

  • What RVillage is about is building your community on the road. View people all around you on the map, reach out and connect. What's most exciting is when someone who has arrived in your area is someone you already know. Attend or create a Get-Together to meet even more RVers. Here are ideas for many ways to connect.

  • RVillage is absolutely free. We believe there should be no barrier for entry—you don't have to pay for access to connect to people you know.

  • To connect with other RVers with similar interests, check out the 3,000 user-created RVillage groups: Full Time RVers, Boondockers, Workampers, plus many club-related groups like Escapees RV Club. You can even set notifications for when other members of the groups you belong to show up in your area. That would be fun with the Beer Travel group. In the Why Didn't I Think of That- Tips and Tricks group, there are so many friendly people on RVillage quick to help each other out.

  • No matter what our differences in other parts of life may be, everyone on RVillage is connected by a single common passion: RVing. We know what a big deal that is. Especially getting your very first RV. It's like getting married! Open that bottle of champagne and invite your friends over.

  • RVillage makes sure it's a safe place for open conversation, free from divisive public discussions, and free from trolls. We take that very seriously!

  • Also, the ads are not invasive, and highly relevant to your location. Sometimes you'll even see a free night stay at an RV park in the area you just arrived in! That's just one of the reasons you want to keep your location updated. (RV parks who want to be added can contact submit a park request here.)

  • RVillage believes that RVing is not only about the places you go, it's about the people you meet along the way.

Tips for using RVillage:

  • We recommend you learn the platform by using the website first. Learn how to navigate your way around the site, set things up, and then the app will make a lot more sense.
  • Put your best foot forward: fill out your profile. If you' don't have an RV yet, that's OK—thousands of people on RVillage are just getting started and are here to learn from the community.
  • Join some groups and start sharing your ideas & tips, or ask questions.
  • If someone arrives in your area, send them a welcome message!
  • Make friends! RVillage friends requests are a bit different from other social platforms. Whenever someone "likes" your photos and posts, go view their profile and click the "Add Friend" button. Here are some more ways to get to know your fellow RVillagers.

Come to the RVillage Spirit of the Road 2020 Rally in Like Oak Florida in February 2020, and connect with thousands of other RVillagers!

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