RVillage is "our village" – made up of new friends waiting to be discovered, and new topics begging to be explored.

Whether you are new to RVillage or have been on here for a while, it's always the right time to share. Add a new photo of yourself, and don't be shy to say hello! Share photos of your latest travels and activities, that nice shot of your rig and campsite, what you're grilling for dinner – and of course those lovable four-legged family members.

You never know when the people you've met on RVillage may wind up right next door!

Comment on each other's posts, make friends, and soon you will have new friends to meet up with down the road, everywhere you go! Check out this amazing post:

Add your voice to the groups!

Join some groups where you want to get in on the conversation. Here are just a few to get you started exploring:

There are literally THOUSANDS of groups on RVillage. Not finding just the right group? You can easily start one. Big groups, small groups, broad topics or specific, there’s something for everyone in RVillage, waiting for your voice!

Start up a new discussion!

You can voice your thoughts on the RVillage home page feed, and get a new discussion started. Are you in the mood to think deep? Add your voice to RVillage founder Curtis' thread "Who Are You?" See what others are saying there, learn about and respond to your fellow RVillagers.

That's what makes RVillage "our village" – our voices.

Make friends!

Be sure to send friend requests to people who "like" your photos and respond to your comments. Don't be shy! View their profile and click the "Add Friend" button.

Here are some more ideas for how to make friends on RVillage.

Remember to keep your location and profile current!

Don't forget to update your location so you can see who your neighbors are.

Is your profile current? Take a moment to update your "About Us" and "Travel Plans" section, so new friends can have current info about you, when when they peek in at your profile.

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