RVillage is "our village" – made up of new friends waiting to be discovered, and new topics begging to be explored.

RVillage is for newbies, seasoned full-timers, part-timers, snowbirds, vacationers and those of you who are still dreaming about RVing. There are many ways to connect, meet, share information and just have fun!

Here are some ways you can connect with RVillagers & make new friends:

It's really fun when the connections happen spontaneously, too.

Check out this page to see how a really fun, spontaneous gathering of about a dozen RVillagers happened around a campfire one night, outside of Vegas!

There are so many ways to make new friends and keep connecting as you travel — you never have to be alone, anywhere you go. Everywhere you travel, there’s a village waiting to happen.

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