RVillage is "our village"—made up of new friends waiting to be discovered, and new topics begging to be explored.

RVillage is for newbies, seasoned full-timers, part-timers, snowbirds, vacationers and those of you who are still dreaming about RVing. There are many ways to connect, meet, share information and just have fun!

Here are some ways you can connect with RVillagers & make new friends:

  • First, make sure yoru profile is completed. Have you uploaded a photo of yourself so people can know who they are "talking" to? Be sure and add a photo of your rig, too! Edit your profile here.

  • Set your location and then check the map at the top of the RVillage home page to see who's around you. Click the red markers, view profiles to see what you have in common, reach out & connect. Everyone could use a friendly online hello these days, even online.

  • Join a Virtual Get-Together! RVillage Get-Togethers have gone virtual (for now). Everyone's having so much fun connecting faces & voices in these Zoom calls to fellow RVillagers that we usually only see online. Unsure of how to use Zoom? Watch a short video here and quickly learn how!

  • Join some groups! Go to the RVillage groups page and browse around to see the most popular and the most active groups, or you can sort by category or search on your favorite topics. Join a few groups, then start some new discussions. Introduce yourself and ask questions. Don't be shy—you'll soon find out that RVillagers are some of the friendliest and most helpful people around. Here are just a few to get you started exploring:

    Can't find a group for your interest or hobby? Start a new one and invite others to join!

    After you join groups, you can set up a notification to be alerted when members of the groups you have joined come into your area. You can also use the map to locate other group members around you, at your next destination, or even along your travel route! Here's how to find other members of your group on the map.

  • Reach out and send friend requests. When viewing profiles, simply click the "Add Friend" button. Send a friend request to every member who "likes" or comments on photos you upload; to members who reply to comments you make, or to anyone who views your profile. You can also check your notifications page to see who has sent YOU a friend request, and view friend recommendations here.

    At some point along your travels, you will find your paths crossing with your RVillage friends out there on the road. This will probably happen often, with so many new RVillagers joining every day!

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