RVillage has nearly 30,000 parks & campgrounds listed, and adding more every day. What's great about finding places to camp on RVillage is that you can easily find other RVillagers located there!

Be sure to check these two resources before heading out to the various US states, and RV Parks & campgrounds:

Did you know how easy it is to search for RV parks and campgrounds on the RVillage Explorer Map? What makes RVillage different from other popular destination websites & apps is how you can locate other RVillager friends currently located in those parks & campgrounds, even before you arrive.

(Pro Tip: This is why it's so important to keep your location updated!)

How to Find Parks on the Map

Go to the Explorer Map and click the "Destination" button below it. Enter a City and choose "Parks" below that. You will see blue markers appear. (The map defaults to 25 miles out from the location you entered, but you can easily change that.)

View Park

Click a blue marker to see the park name. If there is a little red "hot" icon attached to the marker, that means there are RVillagers currently in the park! If any of your friends have stayed (or are staying) there, that will display, too. How cool is that? No other campsite-finding tool provides this.

Go to Park Page on RVillage

Click on the name of the park to go to the park's page on RVillage.

Here's the park's page on RVillage.

You can join the park after you arrive (which will update your location), post something to the park's feed—and even before you arrive: view the park's feed to see RVillagers who have checked in, checked out, and see what they've had to say about the park.

We encourage you to post your photos and experiences about any RV park or campground you stay at, so other RVillagers (like you) can learn about these places, too.

View Members

If there are other RVillagers currently staying in the park, you can click on the circle with the number...

View profiles, reach out and make friends!

This is grid view, you can also switch to list view.

It's that simple to find RV parks & campgrounds AND new friends on RVillage, wherever you are, and wherever you are headed to next.

Have you met other fellow RVillagers in an RV park using this "find parks" feature? Tell us about it on RVillage!
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