RVillage members discuss the challenges of using public laundromats, and weigh in on the different types of onboard washer/dryer combos.

Doing laundry. How do you manage this "fun" task when you are out roaming the country?

Laundromats: public, and those found in RV parks

How and where do you do your laundry?

RV park facilities?

View responses. RVillagers discuss laundry rooms at RV parks.

The pros and cons of laundromats vs. onboard units

Which is more affordable?

See the many helpful replies, and more tips here (same poster, different group).

Does it make sense for part-timers to give up precious space in a trailer for a washer/drier unit?

View the responses.

Maybe not, if you always boondock...

If going with an onboard unit: stackable or combo?

Vented or not vented?

RVillagers offer their advice, and LOTS more information here (as well as on dishwashers).

More advice here with PHOTOS!

Pros and cons of side-by-side units, as well as a caution on detergent usage (amounts).

RVillagers share their favorite brands

See recommendations—including cycle times; and more tips here.

Installation of on-board washers and dryers

Installing ventilation:

View larger image.

Should you include a  drip pain with the drain installation?

RVillagers advise, and another vote for yes!

Troubleshooting issues with onboard units

What's all that shaking?

A few stabilization tips here; and LOTS more here.

Washer won't fill with water?

Check out these ideas.

Washer won't power up?

Some possible solutions, with contact information for the manufacturer: Splendide Ariston.

Replacing a dryer belt?

See what's involved.

Getting a washer unit back into the cabinet.

Winterizing an onboard washer for storage

RVillagers offer tips.

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RVillage groups

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