“Laissez les bons temps rouler” or “Let the good times roll.”

And that’s just what we did when we arrived in The Big Easy—New Orleans, Louisiana. The city combines the gentle peaceful attitudes of its residents with the excitement and fun associated with the many festivals and holidays throughout the year – many of which are unlike anywhere else in the world.

We arrived just before Halloween, and naturally, the city was alive and well, a bit crazy. There are several really nice RV parks in New Orleans, and we chose to stay in the French Quarter RV Resort—very nice and a bit pricey—but well worth it as we were able to walk to the French Quarter and not have to worry about driving in the city.

The French Quarter is the largest and best-preserved district of 19th-century architecture in the United States. We found the best way to see it was to walk its 100 blocks, experiencing the city’s music and cuisine at the same time.The park also offers motor coach tours of many of New Orleans’ attractions departing right from the campground. And best of all (at least from our standpoint) the office staff agreed to check on our dog while we were off and about. In fact, they did more than check on him as he was rumored to be found behind the reception desk much of the time.

We chose a city tour which took us to the Garden District’s elegant antebellum homes (we even got to see the house where my favorite quarterback, Peyton Manning grew up), St. Charles Avenue’s gorgeous trees, the mysterious above-ground tombs and decorative ironworks, the open air artist colony at Jackson Square and many of the neighborhoods which are rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

The sights, sounds, and tastes of New Orleans are as varied as the locals and the neighborhoods themselves. If there are only two words of advice I would give to RVillagers traveling to the Crescent City, they would be: Be adventurous. Delicious food (unlike anything you may have tried before) is everywhere. Talented musicians are on street corners and rather dingy bars throughout the Quarter—after all, this city is the birthplace of jazz. Try a daiquiri—daiquiri shops with different flavors are New Orleans’ version of ice cream parlors in the rest of the world. Start the mornings with beignets and delicious New Orleans coffee—made with chicory. It’s time to have fun and enjoy the good times that this city offers.

Ever tried a muffuletta? Nibbled on a beignet? Savored an etoufee’? From po-boys to gumbo to jambalaya, the tastes of New Orleans are both unique and delicious—unlike food anywhere else in the world. The mixture of diverse cultures blending their traditions and culinary tastes together is what makes up New Orleans’ tasty foods. New Orleanians love to eat (as well as party!) and their cuisine offers not only exquisite tastes but also cultivates some of the best chefs in the world. We splurged one night at Tujague’s Restaurant—which opened 150 years ago to serve local riverfront seamen and dock workers.

NOLA is unlike any American city I’ve ever visited – it feels as if you’re in a foreign and exotic country. So let the good times roll—we did!

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