Requiring people to “social” distance in this age of social media was definitely a unfortunate choice of words. While “physical” distancing is necessary, you can “socially” connect with others anytime you'd like online at RVillage.

Feeling alone? You're not alone in that feeling! Most RVers are socialites —especially RVillagers, who enjoyed regular Get-Togethers in person all over North America, and a huge RVillage Rally in February.

Even introverts are feeling the separation from their fellow humans right now, and it's OK to be feeling that. Whatever you're feeling about all this is OK, by the way. Be kind to yourself, and one another—and remember that we are all in this together. See the Important RVillage message regarding COVID-19.

There are still ways that RVillagers can "be" together, help each other out, and not feel so powerless in the face of this global health crisis. "Social" isolation is just not necessary in our virtually-connected world!

Post on your park page

If you are in a campground or RV Park right now, be sure to "check in" on RVillage to see who else is around you. Set your location here. It's nice to know that other RVillagers are in your park, even if you can't connect over a campfire right now. Post on your park feed, and connect with RVillagers there! (Some boondocking areas are also available to "check in" to.)

Join some groups & connect on the RVillage feeds!

Scroll down the home feed and see what's happening. Comment on photos and posts that you like, and strike up conversations with your fellow RVillagers. They would love to hear from you—that's why they're on there, they need connection, too. It's what we're all good at. Join some groups and swap tips & ideas with some new friends who have similar interests!

Make new friends on RVillage

Make friends on RVillage. Use that "Add Friend" button on anyone who comments on your posts and photos. Post on their profile, or send messages for longer conversations. Compare rigs, swap tips and helpful information. Make sure your profile is up-to-date, so other RVillagers know a little more about you before reaching out.

Attend an RVillage Virtual Get-Together!

New addition to RVillage! Look for new ones here or create your own, with the help of our new RVillage CONNECTor(s), Chris & Gina Fox! It's free, easy, and you don't have to dress up and drive anywhere!

Start a new hobby. Join some groups and share!

Now is a great time to pursue your hobbies, or find a new one. Have you joined any RVillage groups? Find others with the same interests, share and learn from each other. RVillagers love to show off their talents—whether it be crafting, photography, RV renovations, Dutch oven cooking and so much more! Can't find a group for your interest or hobby? Start a new group and invite others to join.

Tips from the World Health Organization for coping with stress

Outside of RVillage

Stay in "touch" with loved ones and friends

Photo credit: Alexander Dummer (Unsplash)

Your family and friends may not have the social media habits you have, and could benefit from some real-time socializing on the phone. Even better: Use FaceTime, Zoom, or other video-calling software on your phone, tablet or computer if you can, and connect "face-to-face!"

Maybe you weren't much of a "phone person" before, but now could be a good time to change that. Stay in touch more frequently if you can—your loved ones may be out of work or school and really feeling the "social distancing."

Call up an old friend from your own school days, or a former work colleague, and "catch up." Talking about life when it was "normal" can help you feel a sense of balance, and less stressed.

Helping others in need

There may be others in your park or neighborhood who are very high-risk and must seriously limit their visits to public places. Perhaps you could shop for them—of course following the World Health Organization's "social distancing" guidelines when delivering those groceries.

Share your ideas for virtual "connecting"

Have you connected with others on social media and other virtual methods? How did you brighten someone's day? Share your stories on RVillage.

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