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Caring for an RV is similar to a stationary house—only much smaller. You'll have many of the usual appliances, and some very different RV components to learn about. Plus, it moves! Living/traveling in an RV has been described as constantly putting your home through a hurricane and an earthquake. Shake, rattle & roll! The result? A need for continual vigilance and staying on top of the upkeep. Checking, fastening down & tightening things all the time, as well as routine maintenance and care.


Air conditioner: Need a cure for that power surge & loud “thump” when the air conditioner kicks on? Introducing SoftStartRV.

Gas Furnace won't start up? See some trouble-shooting ideas here.

Water heater not staying on? Possible solutions here.

Refrigerator not running? View RVillagers helpful suggestions.

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RV-specific components

The Awning

See cleaning tips and repair tips, and why retracting it in high winds is very important to do!

Replacing house batteries

RVillagers have a LOT of advice to share on this topic. See also this discussion, and this thread, too. Add your advice!

Electrical outlets suddenly quit working? It might be caused by this.

Can you run the on-board generator in a motorhome while driving around? See the answer here.

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Do hydraulic levelers need any special care when deployed to extended periods? See RVillagers helpful responses here.


See care suggestions here and add your own tips!

What are some possible causes of a leaky slide?

RV Roof care

See LOTS of recommendations for this very important task.

Tanks & water systems

Your RV has its very own municipal water supply and sewer system that you are responsible for—and RVers just love to share their dump station stories around the campfire! You'll probably have at least one tale to add, and it helps to have a sense of humor about these things.

Fresh water filling
Many ideas for where to obtain potable (drinking) water and how to fill your tank. More tips.

Water filters
Even if you don't drink the water out of your fresh water tank, it helps to have at least a basic filter to prevent sedimentation build-up in your tanks and lines. RVillagers share about their favorite water filters. Add yours!

How do you sanitize the fresh water system? Helpful advice here.

Problems with the tank sensors? You're not alone. See what fellow RVers unanimously agree upon. Do you really need to buy special RV toilet paper?

Experiencing sewer odors? Here are some suggested remedies. And a few more.

Dumping & flushing tanks

Scroll down this discussion to see how to find dump stations.

More than you'll ever need to know about emptying and cleaning black tanks.

What's a “Blue Boy?" And a macerator? Experienced RVillagers discuss all that here.

LOTS of suggestions on clearing a gray tank of kitchen sludge.

Winterizing your rig

Storing, living in or traveling with your RV during the winter? This post covers it all: Getting you & your RV winterized—it's not just about the pink stuff!

Cleaning (exterior)

So many helpful tips for cleaning black streaks, windows, and more.

Routine maintenance/repairs on the engine and chassis.

Is vehicle service done at an RV repair shop or regular mechanic? See suggestions here, and more recommendations here.

Apparently, there are differing perspectives on annual checks, etc. View & add to this discussion.

Browse businesses in the RVillage marketplace to find repair and service centers recommended by fellow RVillagers.

Or submit a business you're satisfied with, so your fellow travelers can easily find them when needed en-route!

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